Obama caught again lying about the Ohio River bridges [Opinion: The Arena]

Dissembler in Chief

President Barack H. Obama appeared before a friendly audience of unionists yesterday at the Washington Hilton Hotel, and told so many lies that even the leftist Washington Post was forced to call him to task.  In his remarks to the Building and Construction Trades Department Conference, Obama said:

Obama 12 AP Photo-Charles Dharapak.jpgTHE PRESIDENT:  I sent them a jobs bill that would have put hundreds of thousands of construction workers back to work repairing our roads, our bridges, schools, transit systems, along with saving the jobs of cops and teachers and firefighters, creating a new tax cut for businesses.  They said no.

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  I went to the Speaker’s hometown, stood under a bridge that was crumbling.  Everybody acknowledges it needs to be rebuilt.

AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Let him drive on it! (Laughter.)

obama lies 1.pngTHE PRESIDENT:  Maybe he doesn’t drive anymore.  (Laughter.)  Maybe he doesn’t notice how messed up it was.  (Laughter.)  They still said no.

There are bridges between Kentucky and Ohio where some of the key Republican leadership come from, where folks are having to do detours an extra hour, hour and a half drive every day on their commute because these bridges don’t work.  They still said no.  So then I said, well, maybe they couldn’t handle the whole bill in one big piece.  Let’s break it up.  Maybe it’s just too much for them.

So I sent them just the part of the bill that would have created these construction jobs.  They said no.

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  We’re seeing it again right now.  As we speak, the House Republicans are refusing to pass a bipartisan bill that could guarantee work for millions of construction workers.  Already passed the Senate.  Ready to go, ready to put folks back to work.  Used to be the most -- the easiest bill to pass in Washington used to be getting roads and bridges built, because it’s not like only Democrats are allowed to use these things.  Everybody is permitted.  (Laughter.)  Everybody needs them.  (Applause.)

In today’s Washington Post, Glenn Kessler—“The Fact Checker”—gave the president a “Four Pinocchios” award for his blatant mendacity.  His article, “Obama’s whopper about an Ohio River bridge,” begins by chiding the president for his shameless pandering about the aging and dilapidated Brent Spence Bridge on the Ohio River.

obama lies 4.jpg

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