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It’s early March, and all those big plans you had to “go green” and “get healthy” have been buried under piles of office stress and cheeto dust. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have affordable locally grown and organic produce delivered to your door on a weekly basis? Green B.E.A.N. Kentucky is a food company that basically delivers fresh, organic and sometimes local produce (and if you wish other foodstuffs) right to your door. What does B.E.A.N. stand for? Biodynamic, Education, Agriculture and Nutrition. The goal of this company is to provide local and affordable food delivered to communities in certain regions of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. 

Here's how it works: you give Green B.E.A.N. your information online, and once you are confirmed and receive your welcome email, you're free to go to the website and customize your order. You choose which bin to purchase (the smallest is $35.00, and it hold a surprisingly large amount of produce.) and fill it with whatever your little veggie munching heart desires. If you've ever stepped into Whole Foods, you'll be surprised at the sheer amount of food $35.00 buys you from this company. I got a tangelo, a crunchy, spicy pear, a mango, a bunch of kale, six Portobello mushrooms, a lemon, a pound of strawberries, a pint of mini sweet peppers, an avocado, a ginger root, and six ounces of Shitake mushrooms! All these yummy things are certified organic, and some of them are locally grown! 

If you'll notice, I got a ton of the crunchy, the munchy and the utterly healthy goods for $35.00, and it's going to be delivered to my door on the Wednesday of the week after I made my order. Actually, technically it will be delivered to my best friend's apartment, since I live in the middle of nowhere and out of the delivery area for Green B.E.A.N. Make sure before you place your order you check out my follow up review, to post Friday, where I'll give you a special coupon code for 50% off your first produce bin! 

photo from Green B.E.A.N.'s website

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