Our editor who stinks at handicapping shares his Breeders' Cup picks [Breeders' Cup]

Zach Everson

Breeders' Cup Marathon

The coke party was a bust. I went home, put on my PJs and sat in front of the TV with my wife talking about how much I missed spending time with my daughter.

You know what's BS? That for a horse, 1 3/4 miles is a marathon, while it's 26 miles and 385 yards for humans. I've done 1.75 miles before; I'm going to tell everyone I'm a marathoner (although a white oval sticker on my car saying 1.75 isn't going to look as obnoxious one saying 26—I hate people have those stickers).

As for the ponies in this one...Birdrun, the , had a 105 speed figure his last time out in a 1 1/4 Grade I. And it was his first time out after a layoff, so there's a good shot at improvement. It's expected every other better will reach that conclusion too, which is why the morning line is 7/2.

The 2, Baryshinkov, in four of his last five races, all graded stakes races. But the 5 year old didn't win any of them, none of them were longer than 1 1/8 miles and his speed figures have been down of late.

Harrison's Cave (7), from Ireland, is running with Lasex for the first time (the savvy reader will remember from yesterday that that's supposed to make them faster). The 3-year-old colt has never entered a graded stakes race before, but at a 30-1 morning line, he looks like the only chance to make some money on this race.

(Speaking of Harrison's Cave, anyone else see the story about the Oregon woman who—inspired by Harrison Ford's character in the Empire Strikes Backposed naked inside her dead horse? She is not in the running for horse owner of the year.)

The 9, Cease, doesn't ahve much experience in graded stakes races, coming in third in his only one, grade II. That was hus last time out though and it was for 1 1/4 miles.

And holy crap, a Calvin Borrel horse has been bet up at Churchill Downs (from 3-1 to 5-1). It's one of just two mounts for Calvin in the Breeders' Cup. The horse-jockey combo finished a fast fifth in a packed Jockey Gold Up their last time out. And as this race is its second after a layoff, it's set to improve.

I'm going to stop this analysis now, as it's become a marathon onto itself. Pick soon...

$0.50 trifecta box 1, 7, 9, 11. Cost of wager: $12

Hoping for the best from that 11 horse, who needed a little help leaving the track.

Profit/loss for the Breeders' Cup: -$44.40


Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf

I scored an invite to the Grey Goose box, so I'm too busy enjoying a Grey Goose Zenyatta to put any thoughts into this one, so you're on your own. Drink up.

Profit/loss for the Breeders' Cup: -$44.40


Sentinent Jet Breeders' Cup Sprint

Nine horses in this field, means its a good chance to break out the key. Words odds though are 19-1 (on the 19, Apriority).

Euroears, 1,  had a slow race his last tme out, but was checked at the start and has since had two straight bullet workouts.

The 2, Giant Ryan, won his last race, a Grade I, and should improve after a layoff.

The 5, Jackson Bend, doesn't look like he's going to get bent over here, having posted speed ratings close to or better tan the average winning speed for this race.

No time for more analysis, they're in the gate, need to bet...

$1.50 trifecta 5 / 1, 2, 6, 8 /  1, 2, 6, 8. Cost of wager: $12

Gambling tip: Do not rush your bets.

Profit/loss for the Breeders' Cup: -$56.40

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