Peeps Dioramas at the Floyd and Clark County YMCAs [Southern Indiana]


Behold, the Southern Indiana YMCAs are contributing to the time-honored tradition of celebrating spring with a gallery of Peeps dioramas. Stop by either the Floyd county or Clark county YMCA between now and 6pm Wednesday to peruse the galleries and cast your vote for your favorite diorama.

Each diorama has been lovingly crafted by crews at the local Ys. The one pictured above is a stunning rendition of the Floyd County YMCA gymnasium and track, made by the maintenance and housekeeping crew. Exercising Peeps - adorable. But it's not the one I voted for. Oh, I'm taking that secret with me to my grave. TO MY GRAVE, I TELL YOU! 

Ah, there's something about candy-coated marshmallow molded into the shape of furry critters that just screams spring, isn't there? And oh the many wonderful ways to eat them! You can make smores out of them, dip them in chocolate, microwave them, or engage them in elaborate miniature role-playing games before they are unceremoniously eaten by the giants who control them. 

Why just last Friday, at Jeffersonville's Chocolate Lover's Stroll (a truly enjoyable experience) I was presented with the opportunity to immerse some unsuspecting Peeps into a chocolate fountain and then gleefully eat them! (Full disclosure, though - by that point I was soooo full of chocolate that I had to take my kid's word for it that they were, in fact, the very epitome of chocolate-coated deliciousness). However, I did notice some chocolate-coated Peeps at Schimpff's Confectionery, ripe for the purchasing. I will be back.

So who is going to take on the awesome task of making a Derby Peeps diorama? Little marshmallow bunnies and chicks, all decked out in their Derby hats...ah just imagine the delicious beauty! But what would the hats be made out of? Licorice? Fruit Roll-Ups? Oh decisions! 

Photo: by Angie Andriot 

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