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Political Climate Change: Author and political guru, Larry J. Sabato, brings his
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It’s enough to make even the stodgiest of ramrods loosen the collar.  Can you feel it?  It’s the thick syrup making your windows fog and your skin steam – the rising heat and humidity of this year’s election season.  As the apocalypse draws ever closer, the smallest and seemingly most insignificant things take on an electrifying pulse: every button becomes a “hot button” and every dinner table, a political arena.  There are few amongst us (or perhaps it is just I) who possess the constitution to withstand all the hair-graying – and hair-pulling – maelstrom associated with presidential elections, but at least one man has managed to tame this beast with a blend of keen insight and, perhaps, a touch of foresight.  Dr. Larry J. Sabato brings his political crystal ball to The Filson Historical Society as part of the Gertrude Polk Brown Lecture Series tomorrow, Tuesday, April 17th at 6:30pm, offering his take on the steam surrounding 2012.

Currently the University Professor of Politics and Director of the U.Va. Center for Politics, Dr. Larry J. Sabato is both a veteran of the political arena and a bellwether for the ever-changing political climate.  As well as penning countless essays and 24 books, including Feeding Frenzy, A More Perfect Constitution and The Year of Obama, Sabato’s political prowess gets downright mystical when to comes to his ability to flush out the future.  In addition to correctly predicting that Barack Obama would take up the seat in the Oval Office in July of 2008, Sabato has maintained a 98% accuracy in his picks for Senate, House and Governor winners in the 2006, 2008 and 2010 races. 

The Rhodes Scholar will now turn his turn his political divination towards the Fall and will share how his insights and significant stories from the past are charged with relevancy for 2012’s gamut.  A guest at The Filson in conjunction with the Gertrude Polk Brown Lecture Series, Sabato’s presentation promises to reflect on election developments thus far as well as focus on key states, leading characters and important issues as they concern the future of 2012’s presidential campaigns.  Join Dr. Sabato for an evening of information, relevant discourse and – just maybe – some predictions for the future of the White House. 

The Filson Historical Society is located at 1310 South Third Street.

This event is free for Filson Members and $10 for non-members; reservations are required.  For more information about The Filson Historical Society and upcoming events, visit the website or call (502) 635-5083.               

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