Poutine For the Vegetarian Masses - The French Indo-Canada Food Truck

Rob Ross of the French Indo-Canada Food Truck

If there’s one thing I never had a chance to experience until I moved to Louisville, it’s food trucks. A lot of food trucks. My most recent foray into these wonderful roving kitchens was Saturday at the Flea-Off Market, and I saw an obvious choice right away - the French Indo-Canada food truck.


I’m a vegetarian, and I have been for a long time, and I don’t really miss anything about eating meat, aside from gravies. It’s been my experience that there just isn’t a lot of great vegetarian gravy that can replicate the sort of heart-stopping flavor that you get from a meat-base, but I’m game for anything, and mushroom-gravy poutine was the thing that jumped off their menu for me. Poutine is a common Canadian dish of french fries topped with cheese curds a gravy.


The vegetarian poutine from the French Indo Canada Truck was amazing - truffle oil fries, great globs of gravy and Kenny’s Farmhouse cheese curds - I’m pretty sure I died and went to vegetarian-gravy-lover’s heaven. It was no small portion, either - this was a big cup of poutine, though I could have easily gone back for more.

French Indo-Canada menu

The French Indo-Canada food truck has a small menu and reasonable prices. My girlfriend had some of their vegetarian dumplings, which were served with a soy sauce and a tomato based dipping sauce. The vegetarian dumplings tasted fantastic, and I’d recommend them to someone looking for a dish a bit less artery-solidifying than the gravy-topped poutine, if you’re of that persuasion.


The French Indo-Canada truck is also highlighting a new pretzel-perogi, which they call a pretzelogi, a pretzel dumpling stuffed with cheese and sour cream. I’ll be tracking them down via their twitter to complete my sampling of their menu, though it will be difficult to resist the temptation to buy one of everything to gorge on. This food truck is not just for vegetarians; every dish they serve seems to have an option for the carnivores.


The French Indo-Canada food truck bebops around town at different events, so check out their facebook page below to keep up to date on where to get some poutine, vegetarian or not.

Photos: Brandon Vigliarolo
Cover photo: shutterstock
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