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Quiz—How Louisville Are You?

Are you a true Louisvillian? Glance over these 50 Louisville eats, drinks and experiences. Check off the ones you have completed. Then check your score at the very end!

I have eaten (or drunk)...

  1. A Hot Brown
  2. A Hot Brown... at The Brown Hotel
  3. Benedictine spread
  4. Burgoo
  5. Pimento cheese spread on, well, just about anything
  6. Derby Pie
  7. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  8. A cheeseburger (you know they were purportedly invented in Louisville, right?)
  9. Anything from a food truck
  10. At Dairy Kastle
  11. At Wagner’s Pharmacy (A Louisville staple)
  12. A hot dog at a Louisville Bats game
  13. A Please & Thank You chocolate chip cookie
  14. One dish by Chef Edward Lee
  15. A Damaris Phillips recipe
  16. A Chaiburg
  17. Ale-8
  18. Bourbon (obviously)
  19. A mint julep
  20. A pink lily

I have...

  1. Taken a tour of the Louisville Slugger Museum
  2. Visited Colonel Sanders’ grave in Cave Hill Cemetery
  3. Gone to Derby
  4. Gone to Oaks
  5. Gone to Thurby
  6. Refused to go to Derby or Oaks because it’s too touristy
  7. Listened to records at Ear X-Tacy (RIP)
  8. Floated down the Ohio in The Belle of Louisville
  9. Seen a show at The Kentucky Center
  10. Watched The Brown-Forman Nutcracker
  11. Looked at yourself in the trippy multi-faceted mirror in front of the Louisville Science Center
  12. Watched a historical interpretation at the Frazier History Museum
  13. Visited the Portland Museum
  14. Visited the Red Penguins at 21C
  15. Visited the real penguins at the Louisville Zoo
  16. Listened to My Morning Jacket
  17. Run in Cherokee Park
  18. Walked the Big Four Bridge
  19. Wandered St. James Court
  20. Ridden a trolley around Frankfort Avenue
  21. Played on The Great Lawn at Waterfront Park
  22. Gone to Abbey Road on the River
  23. Gone to Forecastle (or looked at purchasing tickets, felt vaguely ill when you saw the prices—then tried to determine whether you valued music or food for the next month more)
  24. Seen a concert at The Yum! Center
  25. Eaten an international snack at WorldFest
  26. Visited The Kentucky Fair,
  27. Vowed never to go to The Kentucky Fair again, as you were perplexed by the crowds, traffic, and the disproportionate amount of livestock—only to be lured back by the promise of double-fried Twinkies, or butter, or Kool-Aid, or whatever they fry now.
  28. You are a UofL fanatic—or hate the Cardinals with a burning passion.
  29. Stopped in front of Kizito just to smell the cookies baking.
  30. Already planned a trip to Kentucky Kingdom

If You Scored...

0-20: Do you even live in Louisville? It’s time for you to get out and experience all that Possibility City has to offer! Your first order of business—print off this list and start checking things off. One by one. Get back to me in a month, and trust me, you’ll be a happier, more bourbon-filled individual.

21-35: You are on your way to being a true Louisvillian! Just a few more items to go, and it looks like I just provided you with plans for the next few weekends.

36-50: True Louisvillian, right here!

So how did you do? Did you make the elusive 50/50? What did I miss as an essential Louisville experience? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @louisvillecom. 

Cover photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Copyright: Henryk Sadura

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