Review: Jukebox the Ghost at Headliners


Jukebox the Ghost played last night at Headliners Music Hall with opening bands The Lighthouse and the Whaler and Matt Pond. The opening bands had a decent sized audience, but it was obvious who most people came to see. The number of people seemed to instantaneously multiply towards the later half of Matt Pond's set. All three bands have a significant national following, and Matt Pond was just featured on Jimmy Fallon on February 7th. I believe Jukebox the Ghost's biggest draw was do to the fact that lead singer and keyboardist, Ben Thornewill, is from Louisville. Being a 'WFPK Presents' show, Kyle Meredith was present and introduced all the bands. Meredith alluded to Thornewill's Louisvillian status by asking the audience how many people there were his family, friends, or past classmates. There were quite a few of each present. Jukebox the Ghost definitely has a strong fan following in Louisville.  

The Lighthouse and the Whaler and Matt Pond both have a similar indie-folk-pop sound that compliments Jukebox the Ghost. Thanks to the fiddle present in The Lighthouse and the Whaler and the mandolin in Matt Pond you get that folk vibe, but at the same time have the poppy drum beats and keyboard riffs that Jukebox the Ghost is known for. Coincidentally enough both bands were all guy bands with a single chick included. Like Thornewill talked about in an interview last week, you can see why these guys would be selected to create a full package for Jukebox the Ghost's tour. Vivacious dance-orientated beats and rhythms and catchy hooks really tie these three bands together nicely.

Jukebox the Ghost (Jesse Kristin- drums, Tommy Siegel- guitar, Ben Thornewill- vocals/keys) was definitely my favorite of the night, which is shocking because I am normally bias towards any band wielding a violinist. Their hooks were a bit more attention-grabbing and their beats more danceable. For example, the chorus in Everybody Knows is so catchy you can't help but get it stuck in your head and find yourself humming it on the car ride home. Thornewill's animated vocals are exceptional, clear, and inviting to listen to. He makes sure to give audience members all through out the venue his attention. Up in the balcony, all sides of the stage, everywhere Thornewill makes sure he acknowledges the fans throughout the performance. You can tell the band is enjoying the music and bringing the audience on a musical voyage with them. They performed music off their new album "Safe Travels" which if you haven't purchased yet, you need to. Overall Jukebox the Ghost is memorable, fun to listen to, and catchy- all trademarks of a great pop rock band.


Photos: courtesy of Nicole Sikora and Anna Blanton

Top photo: courtesy of Nicole Sikora

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Photo courtesy of Anna Blanton
About Anna Blanton
Anna Blanton holds a Bachelors of Arts in Music (violin) and a Minor in Marketing from the University of Louisville. Anna currently plays with the Paducah Symphony, folk rock band- Field of Kings, and fuzz/folk rock band- Jack Holiday and the Westerners. From 9-5 she is the Development Information Manager at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. She is also a Production Assistant for the Beatles festival, Abbey Road on the River.
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