The Search for Louisville’s Best Pretzel & Beer Cheese: Molly Malone’s


As I have written previously, I quite enjoy a good warm soft pretzel with beer cheese for dipping. I have already reviewed BBC and Four Peg’s offering, both of which were not quite up to my snuff. Both failed to offer the combination of buttery, soft pretzel and warm, smooth beer cheese in some way or another. We visited Molly Malone’s in St. Matthews earlier this week, and they offered us a better version, though not quite perfect.

An order of “Irish Pretzels” gives you two large soft pretzels with their own small cup of beer cheese, made with Guinness. When they were brought out to us, we could see a nice buttery sheen on the traditionally-twisted pretzels and noted their generosity with the cheese. However, they either have some pretzel machine back there to twist the dough into such a uniform shape or they have one OCD pretzel-shaper back there. Or they use premade pretzel dough. Whichever is the case, the taste of the pretzel was decent – it was soft, but not too doughy and not pillow-like. It had a nice color and flavor, especially with the addition of the butter glaze and even distribution of salt.

The cheese was excellent. It was the right dipping consistency. It clung nicely to the pretzels and you could use an old-fashioned dunking technique; you didn’t have to smash the pretzel trying to dig it out of the container and you didn’t have to resort to dirtying your silverware. Pretzels are fingerfoods, after all. The only downside to the cheese was that I couldn’t taste the Guinness.

If you'd like to try them for yourself, you can visit Molly Malone's at 3900 Shelbyville Road, St. Matthews, KY 40207.

Overall, it’s the best I’ve tried so far. 4/5

Photo by me.

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