Smart Idea: Get Your IdeaFestival Pass Early

Smart Idea: Get Your IdeaFestival Pass Early

IdeaFestival 2014 is coming up, September 30 through October 3, in Louisville, and if you’ve become hooked on its eclectic gathering of speakers, or want to go for the first time, committing now will save you some money. Those purchasing a Festival pass before September 1 will receive a discount. Okay, it’s not cheap: $400 for the pass. Add-ons of passes for “Thrivals 7.0: The Quest: Changing the Future of 2035,” and the 3rd annual IdeaFestival Water Conference are also discounted during this period.

This year’s conference brings in well-known and lesser-known speakers to speak about and problem-solve on everything from zombies to bourbon. A few eye-catching sessions:

Surviving the Great Zombie Apocalypse

Mathematician Sarah Eichhorn and nerobiologist Andrea Nicholas examine how their areas of expertise can help us increase our chances of survival amidst the zombies, and amidst disease epidemics and other disasters.

Taste of Innovation + Bourbon

Reception and networking at Churchill Downs…plus all things bourbon.


The concept that has forever fascinated humans, examined by philosopher Stephen Cave as an influence on the development of civilization.


Harvard professor Joshua Greene on root causes of conflicts around the world, and how they relate to neuroscience, psychology and philosophy.

Average Is Over

Is being “okay” or “pretty good” enough? Maybe not anymore. George Mason University economist and author Tyler Cowen says our new innovation-driven world means that could spell irrelevance.

Since 2000, IdeaFestival has billed itself as a “celebration for the intellectually curious.” Other speaker gatherings may be bigger, but this one is ours, Louisville. Most sessions are held at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, with additional activities at Churchill Downs and other spots around Louisville this year.

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