Stellar performances at WFPK’s Winter Wednesday, but we need some concert etiquette


Last night Justin Paul Lewis and Whitehorse served up harmonious delights to a standing-room only crowd.  Having never seen either, or been to the Clifton Center, I was pretty pumped for the evening all around. 

Lewis opened up with just his guitar and partner in crime back filling on the trumpet.  Not what I expected, but an amazingly delightful Folk/ Soul sound was delivered as Lewis played songs off his new EP and kept the crowd engaged with a voice that reminds me of an early Ray Lamontagne.  Bold indeed, but the passion with which Lewis performs is staggering and certainly transitions wonderfully through his voice.  I had the pleasure of meeting him afterword and will have some further goodness for you soon on his collaboration with Ben Sollee and Daytrotter session.

Now I get it’s an all-ages show, perhaps people are used to the Waterfront Wednesday structure, but for the love of Bieber try not to walk in front of the stage when the bands are playing or use flash photography during performances.  In one instance Lewis had come down from the stage for his finale and a couple birds buzzed right in front of him, while he was talking!  We’re better than that folks so I hope you have some better respect for the musicians going forward.

Whitehorse came out next and again, not what I expected.  Having only heard the studio albums I had I honestly thought they were backed by a drummer and mixed up bass/guitar responsibilities between the two of them.  Fail.  Through a mixture of synth/drum machine and traditional instruments, the duo was all over the joint creating drum beats, bass lines, and then often both wound up on guitar all in the same song!  It was a wicked display in electroacoustic mastery as they crushed new material as well as some ‘old’ favorites.  There were also times they delivered some beautiful acoustic duets and their rendition of Springsteen’s ‘I’m on Fire’ is straight baby-making music.  If you have yet to hear them, you should certainly check them out and we should all be proud that Louisville was their largest audience to date. 

You’ll be on fire:

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