Stylist Andre Wilson Talks Derby Fashion Dos & Donts

Andre Wilson


L:  So we are in the midst of Derby season.  What kind of trends are you noting here locally for Derby fashion?


AW:  I am seeing more neon colors.  I am starting to see the hat return. We were geared more toward fascinators in the past. I see more people customizing their hats, not trying to find THE perfect hat. I also think guys are starting to step it up.  Wooden bow ties should start trending. In fact, Lauren Conrad Instagrammed mine last year from Two Guys Bowties.  


L: What would you consider the ultimate Derby fashion do? Derby fashion don’t?


AW: Take more chances with color and creativity.  You can wear neutrals any other time of the year.  For Derby, you have to wear color.  Step outside your comfort zone and have fun with it.  Wear your fashion and don't let it wear you. Shop early.  Get a stylist.  Accessorize with taste.  


As for don’ts, ill-fitted clothing is unacceptable.  Buy the size that FITS.  It’s okay to get tailoring done.  Do not repeat what you wore last year. I've seen people not take enough chances. But I've also seen people overdo it way too much.


L:  So what is your favorite Derby festivity?


AW:  Jocktails and Unbridaled Eve.


L:  What advice do you have for people who are frantic and utterly clueless about what to wear to Derby parties?  


AW:  Call your stylist immediately.  Seek help.  Google pictures from last year.  Ask what people wore to the event last year.  Call up a local boutique, and tell them where you are going and what you are doing.  


Contact information for Andre Wilson can be found below.

Phone: 502-432-8254



Photo: Mikayla Lott



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