A tale of two cities [Unbridled Spirit Consumption]


This is where I found myself:

Beer Trappe: We met some friends at this craft beer bar who, of course, were wearing blue and were more excited about UL’s loss than UK’s win, which had me fuming, until one man in blue leaned over to say, “You know, Lexington is more uppity than it has room to be.” I high-fived the man.


Sidebar: It was getting late and we needed sustenance, and the food here is cheaply amazing, and nothing makes you feel more like College! than the Best Friends Forever deal (Jameson shot/PBR). Waiting one bourbon too long for a table, I may have knocked a picture off the wall, and participated in a too-loud discussion about pubic hair maintenance with friends while staring greedily at other people’s food. 


Al’s Bar: We split a pitcher of something amber in color and listened to a tall drunk girl tell us she was “taking the goalie out of the game” and quitting birth control. We all promised to babysit. 


Green Lantern: This. Is. The. Best. Place. For local music. In Lexington (according to me). 

My girls and I ended up finishing the night at this dirty, loud dive with cute bartenders. We winked and flipped hair, ordered Fireball whiskey shots and unopened cans of PBR, and  wandered into the music room to situate ourselves in the back to soak up the Lantern dynamics. You’ve got your hipsters, hippies, old people, fraternity boys and girls, dirty scenesters who think they’re famous because they’re known in Lexington, and then there’s us.


Ready to join the party, one buddy looks over her shoulders as she’s already heading her high heeled hiney into the crowd, and looks back to me and screams, “C’mon! Let’s just run in there and make someone kiss us! We’re in Lexington!” 


I shook my head, and wished her luck, and stuck back with my boyfriend-ed buddy, who looked at me confusedly, maybe assuming I’d ordinarily be interested in a kissing challenge. And maybe I would be, but Lexington boys (with the exception of one) don’t do it for me. I explained this, and she suggested we find more bourbon.


My buddy found a little love on the dance floor, and by 2 a.m. we found a cab to take us back to my apartment, where our internal 4 a.m. bar clock and need for loud-music and giggles would inevitably piss off my very wonderful roommates. Oops.


The next day my pro-Lexington! roommate asked if I was in love with her city yet. I told her I was in love with Lexington when my Louisville girls were in town. She told me I should just move home already. 


I told her that was the plan, eventually.

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