Tegan & Sara Make Things Physical Tonight at The Mercury Ballroom


While the NHL playoffs are currently underway, there are two Canadian females I can still root for and that's Tegan and Sara.  Having been dominating the indie/newwave/poprock scene since 2007 these ladies are certainly playing better than their native Calgary Flames.  In support of their latest peppy release of goodness, 'Heartthrob', they continue to bring a happy vibe that's past graced the stage at Lilith Fair, the US late night circuit, and as of late dominated the Canadian charts.  The new album is fun and true to form with a little new wave take on some Canadian hipstery loving.

Now, if one was to step back and look at some of the other articles I've written one could certainly wonder what in the hell I'm doing writing this preview.  Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn what you think about me although I think of my fans often!  As thousands of you already know my penchant for female rockers, there is nothing wrong with some female pop on occasion (lowering the sunglasses at you Este Haim), or any pop-ish goodness for that matter.  It's fun, the crowd should be very eclectic and welcoming to all, and the performance should be a really good time all around.  These ladies are professionals, have a fun sound and hoping to grace our new venue myself, I'm even willing to dvr the NY Rangers' game if I make it since they'll be golfing soon too if they turn it around.

Tickets here: http://www.mercuryballroom.com/

Photo credit: http://www.teganandsara.com/lets-make-things-physical-tour/ (get your own)

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