Ten things I’d miss about Louisville if I didn’t live here

We came to Louisville on purpose, my husband and I. We just picked up and moved from my hometown of Somerset, where we’d gone when Cinci didn’t feel right for us. Somerset has some things going for it – the lake, my family – but was missing some vital requirements for me. Next month will make five years we’ve lived in the Ville, and I’d like to note the ten things I’d miss most if we ever moved. I’ll cover the first five today and five more tomorrow. In no particular order Old Town Liquor I am a lazy and frugal wine drinker, meaning I want a recommendation for something decent to pair with a meal that doesn’t cost more than dinner itself. The folks here have never steered me wrong. Also nobody bats an eye when our little dog comes in the store with us and they give him biscuits. (We’ve never taken the big dog in – I don’t want to have to pay for all the bottles she’d break.)

Olmsted Parks We live midway between Cherokee and Iroquois Park, providing us two beautiful choices for walking our dogs. It’s easy to forget it’s exercise when you’re walking in such pastoral environs. Farmer’s markets Whether it’s the high-energy hempalicious granola crunch of Bardstown Road, the laid-back, “it’s just the food” folks at Beechmont Open Air Market or the lazy Sunday market with the best tomatoes in Louisville, we’ve got all the fresh local produce a city girl can hope for.

Lotsa Pasta I like to think I’m a good cook but everyone has their limits. Despite the best efforts of a teacher in Italy, I simply cannot produce a good homemade pasta. And I needn’t, not when I can choose the array of homemade stuff at Lotsa Pasta. And I keep my freezer stocked with their pizza dough – better by a long shot than my own attempt.

Blue Dog bread Is there anything more heavenly than the first bite of a perfect baguette, the crust shattering before giving way to ethereal baked goodness inside? No. Blue dog baguettes are as fine as any I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy in Paris.
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