Top 10 music events in Louisville: A 2012 review



“It is surprisingly great”, that comment from a New York based Record label executive friend was a pretty good summation of the music scene this year in Louisville.  There is always a strong hipster & new artist scene here in town and we have a great rep for attending shows and supporting for those “outside the TOP 40” bands and artists.  But this year was also about the BIG events and the Surprising events (see Manilow) that made this an really good year in music here locally. 

Personally, I think the new management of music at the KFC YUM Center was the biggest story of the year, and for years to come. 

Some will quibble or be surprised by what’s not on this list (any Forecastle mention outside MMJ) but the numbers don’t lie, so in the spirit of year end lists, I took a look at the music section of and here are the TOP 10 MOST READ STORIES OF 2012.

10. The Jim James/My Morning Jacket article, written by Jim James.  This prep piece for their show with Forecastle was an interesting glimpse into the mind of the master and included one of my favorite quotes about musical upbringing – EVER!

“perhaps my greatest musical blessing in Louisville, other than the wonderful musical guidance from my mother, came from attending St. Martha Catholic elementary school and, even though the majority of that experience was laughably hellish, i met some of the greatest friends of my lifetime there in the 4th grade…we all felt as “outsiders,” as many weird or “artsy” kids will feel in grade school and music was our saving transported us outside the realm of what we felt was impossible in our bodies here on this enabled us to transcend the pain of being an awkward adolescent...and experience the true glory of life.”

Amen Brother James! 

Read article:

9. The new KFC management scored a big one with a show from the Chili Peppers! 

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8. One of the biggest surprises of the year for me, The Barry Manilow SOLD OUT love fest at the Louisville Palace.  The 40+ (Cougar) demo in Louisville proved it can be strong with the right artists.  Read article:

7. Louisville caught the fever and Bieber delivered a SOLD OUT show, and oddly enough, the night before an EPIC Bruce Springsteen show at the KFC Yum Center.  And weird but true – Springsteen’s show didn’t make the 10 most read stories of the year for 

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6. Was about music rumors…who starts this crap?  Oh wait, it was me.  Madonna not coming here was one of the biggest misses of the year…not sure what “screwed the pooch” on that deal but it was so close. 

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