Top 10 reasons Waterfront Wednesday is better than the State Fair [Family and parenting]


Waterfront Wednesday will be in full swing this upcoming Wednesday, the 25th on the Great Lawn at Waterfront Park.  Meanwhile the KY State Fair will be wrapping things up.  If you didn't pack up the kids, your wallet, and sunscreen for the annual trek to the debauchery known as the fair, no need for shame.  Below, find 10 reasons why Waterfront Wednesday kicks the fair's annoying ass:

  1. Parking--WFW (not to be confused with WWF) doesn't charge, just park on the street and walk
  2. Money--WFW is absolutely FREE
  3. The playground at Waterfront Park is safer, forces your kid to exercise and meet new friends, and takes less supervision than a rickety carnival ride run by an even more sketchy carny
  4. You can have a beer and not feel like a redneck or delinquent parent.
  5. Rednecks.
  6. The sun is setting, not in full force.
  7. The music is actually worthy or listening too (Audra Mae headlines, the grand-niece of Judy Garland, and she has an amazing set of pipes)
  8. No livestock droppings.
  9. The scenery of our beloved river is your backdrop, not an asphalt parking lot or that big talking farmer.
  10. You can still partake in that guilty pleasure known as carnival food.
About Megan Seckman
I am married with two children and a middle school English teacher, so I am constantly trying to squeeze in the things I love: writing, reading, painting, yoga, cooking, and traveling.
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