TSA body scanners - will Louisville get them and what can you see? [Technology]


TSA began deploying state-of-the-art advanced imaging technology in 2007. This technology can detect a wide range of threats to transportation. However, it's caused quite a stir. 

As noted in the Courier-Journal, TSA spokesman Jim Fotenos said Louisville hasn’t been designated as a future body scanner site. But he noted the agency’s goal is to deploy 1,000 scanners by the end of next year — nearly three times the 385 now in place at 68 airports.

Officials stressed that the scans’ images obscure passengers’ faces and are viewed by a TSA employee in a closed booth, who doesn’t see the actual passenger. They said the images are deleted once a passenger is cleared.

Above is a picture provided via the TSA.gov website. Also, below is another body scan which reveals what TSA agents utilizing the scanner can actually see. It's also important to note that the body scans are not required. Passengers can opt for a body pat-down in lieu of the scan.

TSA Body ScanBody scans and pat-downs in exchange for a safer flight? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below. I've also included a video of a CNN clip of the hot topic. 

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