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People will buy anything. All you have to do is put it up for sale. Here are the best of Craigslist's offerings this week:

-A cornbread pan shaped like Noah's Ark.

-Gerber baby food. LOTS of it. And cereal too. Nine boxes. Mmmm.

-Seven weed eaters. Was this seller just a weed eater enthusiast, or are they running a lawn equipment museum? Hmmmm....

-Apparently, one can buy a "career as a substitute for a 9-5 career." Who knew?

-A Dale Jr. cooler! Comes with free membership to the redneck yacht club.

-An x-ray machine! You know you've always wanted one.

-For the craft beer enthusiast....

-Because some people just can't have enough Christmas decorations:

Happy shopping, Craigslisters!

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About Amy Talbott

Piscean. INFJ. Cat person. Runner. Mediocre housekeeper. Excellent cook. Scours the sleaze on Craigslist so you don't have to.

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