Where to Find Local Honey


Bees collect pollen from the very flowers that cause allergies, making honey a tasty, natural way to build immunity to these pollens. Honey is also a great sugar substitute in recipes and an antiseptic. On top of that, it never goes bad - place a container of crystallized honey in boiling water or in direct sunlight to re-liquefy it.

I grew up on a small farm in Middletown, where my father keeps bees. He can no longer sell it to the public, but there are plenty of other local honey sources for people in the Louisville area.

Health Food Stores

The Fresh Market. The Fresh Market sells local honey at their two Louisville locations.

Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets. With several locations in Louisville and one in New Albany, Rainbow Blossom is a go-to provider of local honey.

Whole Foods Market. The Louisville Whole Foods location has honey from a few different providers.

Local Farms *

California Market. 2130 Potland Ave, Louisville, KY 40212

Phone: (502) 775-4041 

 Elegence of Kentucky. 1860 Mellwood Ave,Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: (502) 238-7387

Fern Creek Honey. 9709 Independence School Road, Fern Creek, KY 40291

Phone: (502) 239-1325

Persimmon Hill Farm. 10600 Seatonville Road, Louisville, KY 40291

Phone: (502) 239-5549

Smith & Smith Heavenly Honey. 3515 Park Row Drive, Louisville, KY 40216

Phone: (502) 447-8462

T C Fisher Honey. 9604 Somerford Court, Louisville, KY 40242

Phone: (502) 425-001


Heine Brothers. Heine Brothers locations sell local honey alongside their organic, fair trade coffee.

Louisville Honey Company. This company has a limited amount of local honey available for purchase online.

Huber's. If you live in Indiana or are planning a visit to the farm, stop by the Huber's shope. They supply local honey along with their fresh fruits.

Check with your local Farmer's Market to see if local honey is sold.


*List from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Photo Courtesy of: Louisville Honey Company

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