Where to find money you didn't know you had [Southern Indiana]


When I was younger, I had a bad habit of getting a new job, working there for a few days, deciding I hated the job, and quitting. The problem was that I didn't want to go back after just not showing up for work anymore, so I would rarely get my check from these places. My first unclaimed property find was a couple of years ago from one of those jobs that I had when I lived in Nashville. It was for more than $100, so I was thrilled to discover it at a time when I really needed some extra cash.

I don't know why unclaimed property popped into my mind again this morning, but I thought the database might be worth checking again. This time I didn't have anything to claim, but I found $40 worth of unclaimed property under my husband's name. I know $40 isn't much, but it's like a gift card for a free dinner. Either way, I figured the database was worth sharing with my Southern Indiana neighbors.

Unclaimed property can be any kind of property—not just money—but for the most part it's money. It comes from all kinds of different sources: paychecks that never made it to the recipient, property from lockboxes that were closed, or payments that couldn't be delivered to the recipient because the sender didn't have updated contact information, to name a few. If a person or business can't figure out how to get your property to you, he turns it over to the Attorney General of his state where your property waits for you to discover it.

It's easy to check if you have unclaimed property in Indiana. Simply go to the Attorney General's Unclaimed Property website and enter your name into the search engine. If something pops up with your name and an address you've lived at, submit your claim and get your property. Good luck!

Photo: Flickr/borman818

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