Who came to HullabaLOU? [Music]


While a lot of people came for acts such as Ben Folds, Huey Lewis and the News, or Loretta Lynn, the headliners really dictated the atmosphere each night at HullabaLOU.

Friday was a wasteland until after work. Soccer moms started showing up around 7 pm, once the kids were safely at the sitter's for a night. People of all ages wore nostalgia band t-shirts. While there were certainly 20somethings around to see Bon Jovi, the overall crowd skewed closer to 40+.

Saturday was Country Day. Women in cowboy boots and straw hats ruled Churchill Downs. The metal shirts evaporated to be replaced with John Deere tractor shirts and countless cowboy hats. This was hands down the most friendly, outgoing crowd of the day (reinforcing Kenny Chesney's reputation as the next Jimmy Buffet). Interestingly, I didn't see too many people in their 30's. Instead, it was a family atmosphere where wholesome people in their 20's came to a concert alongside parents twice their age.

Sunday's crowd was notably more tattooed and pierced than the previous nights. During the day, Churchill Downs crowds were down from the rest of the weekend, but starting around 6 the Dave Matthews fans arrived and really filled things out. Unlike the previous nights, which seemed to be ruled by parents, Sunday night's crowd was ruled by singles or dating couples in their 20-30's.

Photo credit Chris-Rachael Oseland

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