A Wild Night At Wild Rita's


I remember coming to this place when it was Mozz. A swanky, Mozzarella Bar and Enoteca. It was a perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, but not as casual as I would like. After Mozz officially closed it’s doors for business; this gave the opportunity for the owners and creators of the ever-so-popular Wild Eggs to open Wild Rita’s in this downtown location. If there is any indication of the food and business that comes from Wild Eggs; patrons of the new Wild Rita’s are in for a wild ride of modern Mexican and a comfortable atmosphere.

Mexican, especially authentic, is my absolute number one choice of food regularly. I really could eat Mexican for every meal, every day. It’s no exaggeration. I love Mexican food. My baby practically came out covered in chips and salsa, which I ate my weight in while I was pregnant with her. Now she is the same way. She can eat spicy food with the best of them as a two-year-old.

I also can have fairly high standards when it comes to my favorite cuisine. I couldn't wait to go to Wild Rita’s to celebrate my sweet friend’s 40th birthday. Ever since the invite I had been dreaming about their guacamole, which has been raved about in reviews.

With reservations for a large party we were seated immediately. The modern, bright, fiesta-like atmosphere fit perfectly. After a big hug to the birthday girl, my bottom hit the seat and I immediately ordered the house margarita appropriately called the Wild Rita, along with chips, salsa and guacamole -- which I later found out cost more than I anticipated. The salsa was unfortunately not free like I am usually accustomed to, and was not worth paying for. However, the chips were fresh, thin, warm, crispy, with the right amount of salt. The guacamole, though a bit pricey, was truly worth every penny. It was served in a fairly large, modern, white bowl; fresh avocado, red onion, tomatoes, lime juice, and piled high with fresh cilantro. No spices were necessary because of the quality of the ingredients perfectly incorporated. Every bite was perfection. My margarita arrived on schedule and came with a surprise. It was lit on fire! Yes, literally lit on fire; a fun, unexpected twist. After the flame died down, it was light and crisp with a touch of sweetness.

Whenever I eat out somewhere, especially if it’s a newly, anticipated restaurant, something comes over me like it’s my last supper. I don’t want to order the wrong thing. Thankfully the waitress, who gave us exceptional service, gave her recommendations. I still had a difficult time deciding, so to try a variety, I ordered three different tacos. I knew my husband was eyeing my other choice on the menu, the Adobo, Spiced Pork Shoulder so I would soon be taking some bites of his whether he liked it or not.

After stuffing myself with the divine (no exaggeration) guacamole, our entrees arrived. The tacos were wrapped with two corn tortillas for sturdiness, which I really appreciated. Each one filled with something different to enjoy. The first was the Al Pastor: Chile and spice-marinated pork, rotisserie cooked and served with pineapple salsa on top. The second was the Mussels Con Chorizo: a fairly large piece of crispy Atlantic cod, cilantro, cabbage, and a delicious chipotle creme, which I could have bathed in. The third was the most traditional of the three: Carne Asada, with grilled chile-lime marinated skirt steak topped with onions, cilantro, and avocado. All of them brought something different to the table. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose it would be the pork, and then a bowl of that chipotle creme with just a spoon. The pork in that taco was so tender and juicy and full of bold, spicy flavors. It melted into the tortillas and made the perfect bite. The pineapple salsa gave it just a touch of sweetness, which was the perfect accompaniment to the spiciness of the pork.

My husband's Adobo Spiced Pork Shoulder was nothing short of the best thing I ate that night. He reveled in the fact that he “ordered the best”. The pork was served over salsa verde, topped with a fried egg, chipotle-raspberry sauce, and chicharrones. The fried egg, when cut, flooded over the pork to make a sauce. The fork slid with ease through the meat like a hot knife through butter. It was tender, juicy, and the flavor was full and well-rounded. All the different layers of the dish combined perfectly.

The sides, which my husband and I shared, were Papa Con Chipotle: Idaho and sweet potatoes with chipotle. They were creamy, spicy, and a bit crispy. Delicious. We also had an ear of grilled corn with queso fresco melted all over it and sprinkled with chopped cilantro.

It was an incredible meal, caring service, relaxed with an upbeat atmosphere and wonderful people to enjoy it with.


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I am a homebody at heart who would wear yoga pants everywhere if it was socially acceptable.
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