Wizard World Comic Con Wrap-Up


Louisville has long had a lack of large conventions of the geeky variety (aside from Fandom Fest), and this past weekend brought a change to that dry streak. The Wizard World Comic Con circuit added Louisville as a stop from Friday the 28th to Sunday the 30th, and it roared into town with fanfare, success, and even a surprise marriage proposal.


There were countless celebrities present, long lines to see them, and an amazing selection of merchandise to be purchased on a con-fueled whim. I myself bought wooden Harry Potter wands for my girlfriend and I - they’re pretty great, and much more sturdy than those plastic ones you can get from Warner Brothers (of which mine is broken). Had I more money to spend, I would doubtless have gone home with a cartful of new toys to play with - the shopping is my favorite part of comic conventions. Unfortunately for those of us who have a more macabre-centered geekdom, there was a marked lack of Lovecraftian/Cthulhu merchandise, which I always look for at cons.


If you were lucky and tenacious enough to wait in line to see some of the celebrities, you had an incredible lineup to choose from. William Sobel, a particularly brave Doctor Who fan, popped the question to Quinn French,  his girlfriend of six years while they were getting their photo taken with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. They even managed to catch it on video! Congratulations to both of them!


There was plenty of amazing cosplay as well - from a larger-than-life Grim Reaper to Deadpools-a-plenty, there was a large cast of people who dressed up for the con - I’ve included a selection of pictures below.


For those of you who had a blast this year and are worried about the next - don’t be concerned! The Wizard World team has already announced dates for 2015 - March 27th to March 29th. Mark your calendars for what I hope will be an even bigger and better show than last year!




If you or anyone you know is in one of the photos below, please let me know so I can get them credit for these great cosplays!


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Jason David Frank - the Green Power Ranger
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