You Had Best Pour Yourself One for the Road with The Arctic Monkeys TOMORROW


Since the show is already sold out, I'm going to go ahead and say you jokers don't need any introduction to the Arctic Monkeys.  Tomorrow at Iroquois will bang from the get up and go.

White Denim opens, and while I still feel a bit of a snub about the last time they came into town at Zanzabar to start their 'headlining run' but claimed their tour started in NYC, I really am not bitter in the least...obviously.  No, but really, those guys are going to set the stage  perfectly for The Arctic Monkeys ,and I'm hoping for the already released tracks and some newbies, as they really do have a choice sound.

To be fair, the newest release from our champions, Arctic Monkeys, took a bit to warm up to.  The first half of the album is absolutely stellar and somewhat true to form.  The second half takes a bit of a listen, but is much better once you dig into it.  To that effect, I think the mix of old and new auditory porn will rock and reign through for all of us lucky saps that got tickets.  For those of you that didn't I'd pay a small little fortune for tomorrow's show as it should be exquisite all around.  Hell, maybe picnic out back like hippies, if legal, and maybe tout at the door.  Either way, I look forward to reporting back.  Always a HUGE thanks to my friends at Production Simple and Iroquois Amphitheater.  In me you trust, xoxo.

Photo Credit:  Esquire

Tickets:  StubHub that ish...or maybe Craigslist

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