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Bosco is a full speed band with quick riffs, fun lyrics and in your face attitude. It is energetic, stripped down music that brings me back to more carefree times of my youth. The drum kit is not pushed to the back of the stage, it is situated up front, already Bosco sets themselves apart visually. This band is non-conforming. Their take on Bluegrass or Country is of a new genre. The music is neither Country, Folk, Rock, Bluegrass or Punk. Bosco is what is great about all genres of music mashed into one. Classic Cello meets, electric guitar, bass and pedal steel.This ain't your Momma's country, it is the new face of traditional music with No apology.
Sam St. Samuel, vocalist and guitarist of Bosco spoke frankly on their style of music, roots music and the process of the people taking back country music. "The musicians that really inspire me are the bands we play with, like Owen Mays, Highlonesome, a band called the Hooten Hallers, Filthy Still and a lot of the bands on Farmageddon records. It is familiar but it is new and it's so good. It makes me want to play better and, it makes me want people to hear my band and inspire them to be better than me. We're just doing something in Louisville that really no one else in Louisville is doing. I wanna be the Ramone's of country music. I want to do what the Ramone's did to rock n roll to country music.There's so much bad music in country music and there's so much good. People got sick and tired of the bad and started doing it themselves."
Bosco is visually diverse with a unique sound that is certain to entertain you!
Bosco has 2 CD releases, the most recent B is for Bosco. Both CDs can be found on
Head on over and take a listen before you come out on Friday January 13, 2012 at the Mag Bar!

Sam St. Samuel-Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Rad- Lead Guitar
Trey Oswald- Vocals, Drums
Mary Kate- Cello
Sheila Fantastic- Bass
Peter "Beastman" Bolton- Pedal-Steel

Photo: Lori Mohr

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