Debauchery with banjos and guitars (Review of Highlonesome and Bosco) [Music]

Snow flakes smash through my car window. The cold so bitter, it breaks through the my skin and strikes the bone. A night set for live music at the Mag Bar. Song with a side of beer swilling, debauchery, banjos and guitars. Highlonesome and Bosco bring tales of life set to unkempt music. Perfection in the imperfect world around us. This music is dirty, raw and not for the weak at heart. It is amped up adrenaline rush with power. Power in word. Power in music. It is the energy of a generation lost, a generation forgotten. The misfits, outcasts, castaways and poverty stricken are king with Highlonesome and Bosco. If you have suffered a broken heart, slept with dogs, hoboed on a train, or battled the demons of drug addiction, you will fit in here. There is no pretention or false identity. What you see is what you get. Depression, misery, angst, along with the celebration of the journey. Smashed van windows, forgotten banjos, broken dreams, empty pockets with the ability to laugh, have a drink, live in the moment and relish every second. Highlonesome and Bosco bring you to their stage. The audience is as much the show as the band spilling their souls out for all to see. No sterile, over produced, soul sucking pretense here. Honesty and a twist of darkness prevail.



Photos: Max Sharp

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Noah Tyson Highlonesome
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