• One Night; Visiting Berlin, Springfield, and how to get thrown out of the Palace Theatre!
  • I know the title has something to be desired and can use a little finesse, but this is a continuation of "Coupleville v.4" wherein I asked for suggestions from all of you readers out there for my wife's birthdaypalooza, and in the profound words of Keanu Reeves, "Whoa..." Thanks to everyone for particpating, and in my own catch-phrases: "Holey Bigoley & Mama Pajama!" It's only going to get better (at least reading:).
  • Marriage is all about almost tireless planning but it is worth it: from the ceremony, to cohabitation, to kids, to growing old with the person you managed to convince to go on a second date.
  • Newly married I can be objective on this: 1)Single vs. 2)Dating vs. 3)Married. All three categories present different challenges but have one thing in common – getting out and enjoying your self in your own way. Welcome (almost) to Couple-Ville.
  • Dating can be expensive and as fun as a trip to Fiji for a bachelor party, but more times than not the trip is followed with only good story mixed with buyer’s remorse and a shortage of coin. It’s hard enough to find a person who you find attractive and whose company you enjoy and also is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for a second date.
  • To all you, readers.I have a plan but could use you, the reader's help. I love my wife more than anything and plan on celebrating her "29th" birthday (again) in a grand way. Suggestions requested.
  • Paula Deen
    On December 1st, local celebrity and Louisville.com writer George Lindsey interviewed Paula Deen on air to discuss her Saturday, December 3rd show at the Horseshoe Casino titled “A Holiday Evening with Paula Deen”. George is a lucky guy and his article can be read on this site, but he didn’t get to spend an evening with The Lady Deen…I did*.
  • Maxim Models
    The forecast called for a chance of severe thunderstorms, and the press release humbly read ‘Maxim and BlackRock Stables invite an influential guest list of celebrities, athletes and tastemakers to an exclusive private bash to experience [The] Kentucky Derby…” making the storm almost sound more dangerous. The torrential downpour did eventually arrive; it closed the red carpet, sent props and riggings crashing to the ground – Mother Nature huffed-and-puffed with all her might but couldn’t stop the annual Fillies & Stallions Party raging inside the Mellwood Arts Center on Friday, May 4th 2012. Mother Nature tried to crash, but couldn't get a ticket.
  • Kit on porch
    Oaks behind me, I needed Oats. On Derby morning, I was tasked with breakfast, both personally and professionally. The Historic Homes Foundation was nice enough to invite my wife and I, along with media sponsor Garden & Gun magazine, to the 34th Annual Historic Homes Foundation Derby Breakfast at Farmington Historical Plantation. The Plantation is nestled next to Sullivan University, and when I say ‘nestled’, I am speaking of the one-lane tree-lined road along the student dorms. This secluded road leads to what used to house a 50-acre hemp plantation built for John and Lucy Speed during 1815 and is now a national historic treasure.
  • One Night...
    Run for the Roses ran. Bank accounts reviewed. Remedies and/or celebrations coming to an end. The winner of the Derby this year was the aptly named “I’ll Have Another”, and the last party of the 2012 season for winning jockey Mario Guiterrez & friends was at the "Night of… One Race, One Winner, One Party" held at The Galt House on the evening of Derby Day, Saturday, May 5th.
  • Belle of the Ball
    The Boat of the Ball this past Tuesday was the Belle of Louisville, as our local girl was crowned winner of the 2012 Great Steamboat Race. Growing up on the banks of the Mississippi, and having traveled across the Ohio river many times, I realized that there was a major river in every city I had ever lived and I had never actually taken a ride on an actual riverboat. The breeze wafting gently off the lazy river, water gently lapping of the bow, and what Mark Twain moment on the mighty river powered only by unpredictable currents and heated water would be complete without a day of jousting, obstacles, tossing monkey fist tossing, and VIP retrieval.
  • Derby, Drinks, and a gala night with parties at The Mint Jubilee and Playboy with friends, bands and my wife. No way of topping my night before The Kentucky Derby... at least until next year.
  • Granola Encrusted French Toast
    Superchef’s Breakfast location is not ideal, and not easy to find. Located at 2317 Brownboro Road in a building they share with Chicago Gyro’s six days a week from 5:30-11am and Sundays until 4pm, you literally have to know they’re making breakfast inside to know that they are open. Since they opened on May3rd, they simply haven’t had the opportunity to keep up with their co-tenants signage, but once you try the food, you’ll surely be back for more and will have much for fun studying the menu rather than a map.
  • Voter Maude
    It was debauchery in plain sight Monday, April 30th at the KFC Yum! Center. Using mattresses as a disguise, Forty-five teams raced their straight-from-the-chop-shop dragsters for the coveted trophies for fastest times (regardless of speed limits), entertainment (distraction), and decoration (disguise). THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
  • Bacon Ball 2012 Logo
    The saying “Everything tastes better with bacon” was put to the test as Hammerheads Restaurant was ultimately crowned the “Bacon King” for the second consecutive year. The 2012 Bacon Ball hosted by the Louisville Visual Art Association promised a “mixed media culinary delight night of booty shakin’, art making Bacon Ball extravaganza” and they certainly spent the evening gettin' piggy with it.
  • The Hyatt Regency Sweeps and Sway’s onto Fourth Street [Food & dining]
    “So ladies, if you’re looking for a man who is into local sports, loves to eat, is athletic and good to his fellow man while maintaining his ‘manliness’ – then Louisville is the place you really want to be right now,” Mayor Greg Fischer joked at the ribbon cutting marking the $5.8 million Hyatt Regency Louisville renovation last Thursday, April 19.
  • The PBJ Shop Owners
    The PBJ Shop located on 440 S. 3rd Street has everything to offer a new restaurateur: Good location, timing (NCAA tournament with new arena down the street), Derby, spring weather, a cute if not interesting idea, and of course ambition. We all love to believe in a ‘fantasy’; reality however is much more likely and usually comes much quicker. Owners Corey Spencer and Shawn Duall have perfected the art of dreaming about sandwiches without the execution of creating a restaurant in real-life.
  • Guerrilla Cuisine's Louisville Menu
    Since 2007, Guerrilla Cuisine has been renowned for their underground dining events that feature experimental cuisine, music and art. On Tuesday, April 3, Seviche chef/owner Anthony Lamas joined the ranks of celebrated chefs participating in the organization’s “On the Road” series, which took the feast for the senses beyond Charleston to our home in Louisville.
  • The Reverend Horton Heat
    “This is the most crowded I’ve ever seen Headliner’s,” a girl shouted to me as the opening act, “Larry & his Flask” seriously revved up to wind their show down. She wasn’t far from wrong – Headliner’s was almost at capacity with some of Louisville’s rowdiest to see The Reverend Horton Heat with special guests “The Goddamn Hallows”, and “Larry & His Flask” who gave a serious foot-stompin’, soul scratchin’ sermon of unholy loudness. This past Tursday, March 8th, service was held by Heat and friends on their "Stewed, Screwed, & Tattooed" tour.
  • Starvin' Marvin's Country Kitchen
    Starvin’ Marvin’s menu offers "home-style meals prepared from scratch form their kitchen all day long" and that "you’ll find everything you love about country cooking plus a few that might surprise you". And they absolutely put their money where my appetite used to be. Whether it’s old favorites like biscuits & gravy for breakfast, soup & sandwich combo for lunch to meatloaf, country ham and plenty of country vegetables for dinner, you will never go hungry at Starvin’ Marvin’s Country Kitchen, and like me, you’ll definitely be going back for seconds.
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