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    1. Pappy Van Winkle Iphone Case from Pappyco

    You probably can't find Pappy (let us know if you do!) but you can get these Iphone cases for Iphone 4, 4s and 5 for $42.00 online. The cases are handcrafted in Elkhart Indiana. 

    2. Bourbon and Vanilla Sugar from Bourbon Barrel Foods 

    For $20.00 you can get Demerara sugar packed and aged with Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla  beans. Perfect in coffee or tea or just for baking, you can find it online (along with other delicious Bourbon infused food). 

    3. Bourbon T-shirts from Why Louisville 

    There are so many options to choose from at Why Louisville, but we can't play favorites so they only get one spot on our list, for their Bourbon T-shirts, including our favorite touting "Fast Horses & Fine Bourbon." which you can buy for $17.99 online or at their two Louisville locations

    4. Bourbon Balls from The Cellar Door 

    It’s so hard to pick just one thing to love from Cellar Door, but I adore their Evan Williams Bourbon Balls: bourbon buttercream covered in dark chocolate. According to their website, these candies are actually alcoholic as all the bourbon hasn’t been cooked out. Who couldn’t use a little boost during the holidays? You can order online at Cellar Door’s website, or visit them at their two locations, in Butchertown Market or at Oxmoor Mall. 

    5. Kentucky Bourbon Candle from A Taste of Kentucky

    $16.99 for a small candle or $27.99 for a large candle, you can find these babies online or at Taste of Kentucky's retail locations.

    6. Maker's Mark Barrel Ornament from Maker's Mark 

    For $8.95 you can buy this little barrel for your tree. Wouldn't it be the perfect Kentucky themed ornament in an ornament exchange, or a great Secret Santa present? You can order online. 

    7. Evan Williams Barbecue Sauce from Evan Williams

    Barbecue and bourbon go really well together, and this $7.99 bottle of Evan Williams barbecue sauce might please the grill master in your life. You can order online. Since Louisville recently got the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, it's a great present this year! 

    8. Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake 

    This cake is a "moist brown sugar cake with pure maple and chocolate cake, topped with walnuts, chocolate and caramel bourbon icing." and you can order it online for $29.95. The cake comes in a fantastic bourbon barrel box! 

    9. Bourbon Vanilla Pod and Poppy Seed Scrub from Etsy 

    Do you want to smell like bourbon on purpose? Perfect. Order from Etsy for $4.20.

    10. Louie's Derby Cake from Mert's

    For $22.50 you can order this amazing moist butter praline cake, with dark chocolate and fine Kentucky bourbon and walnuts. Get it online here.  

    Do you have any suggestions for more bourbon themed gift ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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