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    Courtesy of a search on Digital Louisville, here are the 10 funniest tweets from Louisville residents about last night's broadcast of the Academy Awards:

    --Amuk3: " There's an approx. .0000001% chance a huge asteroid will hit Earth in next 30 years. #thingsicareaboutlessthantheoscars" [sic]

    --Shelbyshelly: "Did Ryan Seacrest actually ask Tom Ford what he was wearing......DUH!!!"

    --gypsydoodlebug: "I want Morgan Freeman to narrate my life."

    --mralphafreak: "hahaha, the faces of kristen stewart and taylor lautner: 'who is this hughes guy?' LOL"

    --bybenjamin: "Wow. Sarah Jessica Parker looks... nicely embalmed. At least they matched those extensions to her hair color."

    --glindsey1023: "Anyone else see #SamuelJackson roll his eyes at Monique's speech - ooops!"

    --Cam_wright: "I don't care if people eat and kill dolphins. They're not endangered."

    --b_cubbage: "Anyone else want to say that the Dude abides? You have 20 seconds left."

    --mikejonesradio: "i missed the oscars last night. i'll miss them next year. until they start honoring films i watch (stupid comedy and porn), i don't care."

    --BellarmineRadio: "How bout them Oscars? Honestly, we think Jeff Bridges' Oscar really ties the room together."

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