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    These are not in order; we could not choose a favorite "love". If we had a choice, they would all be #1!

    1. Family

    Everyone can agree that Louisville and its people value family. Whether it be biological family or friends that have stuck around long enough to be considered a sibling, family is a huge part of our community.

    1. Size

    Let’s be honest, Louisville is huge. If you’re not a local, getting lost isn’t hard and sometimes while driving you can come across areas that you never knew existed (For example, I got lost on my way to the Kentucky Humane Society and came across an area I had never been to by Steedly Drive). There are endless places to explore and many neighborhoods to enjoy.

    1. UofL

    We love our Cardinals and we have reason to, as we have one of the best athletic programs in the nation and one of the most profitable. Our students are intelligent, our campus is beautiful and expanding, and we have an organization for every interest. L’s up!





    This year will be the 140th year of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks and is ONLY 99 days away (there is a countdown on their website). This is a national holiday for locals and Louisvillians anxiously wait for the next Derby just weeks after the previous Derby concludes. “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” is Louisville’s favorite time of year without a doubt.

    1. Bourbon

    Having been recognized in the December/January issue of the National Geographic Traveler magazine of one of the “Best of the World” destinations for the bourbon district, Louisville has every right to love our bourbon. Let’s drink to that.

    1. Southern Hospitality

    We are all warm, sweet, and welcoming and we can thank our Southern location. Mam, sir, please and thank you are just a few of the everyday vocabulary use of Louisvillians. And holding doors is a must.

    1. Food

    With new restaurants cropping up all the time, Louisville’s restaurant scene is consistently fresh and exciting. Also exciting, the Louisville food truck scene is becoming prominent with delectable food trucks like Holy Mole, French-Indo Canada, and Jam Pan. Check out the full list of food trucks on.

    1. Diversity

    One of my favorite things about the city is the diversity of people, shopping, restaurants, parks .. I could go on endlessly. There is something for everyone in Louisville.

    1. Musicians


    There is an abundant amount of local musical talent and live music can be attended nearly every weekend at various venues in the city. The variety of music is fantastic, too!

       10. Jennifer Lawrence

    We couldn’t compile a list of our favorite things about Louisville without having J-Law on it. Louisville is proud to call her a native and her recognition as an actress and her rise to stardom gives us an ounce of hope that we may make it famous, too.

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