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    Heartwarming and open are two words to describe the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts, 715 W. Main Street in downtown Louisville. I had the privilege of speaking with several local artists of the “100 Art Inspired Hubcaps” exhibit.  Among those was Louisville native

    Karen Welch whose hub caps creatively named Mary and Jesus Chrysler  on the KMAC exhibition. These hub caps are beautifully done and I found them inspiring.

    Scott Scarboro

    and his creation of God’s Eye, featured, is an amazing work that is sure to draw the attention of art lovers everywhere and his  hub cap, Robot is just as wonderful. While at the museum, I encountering a young artist quite talented for his age,

    Harlin, and his simplicity in art yet the uniqueness of them, give his art a down home feel. My favorite was the Black Vintage Volkswagen  hub cap.

    Other Hubcap’s on display are, Ann Drewy’s Art Car Map and Fleur De’Leus Clock. Hub caps such as Horton Hears a Pontiac, State Fair Exhibitor

    Robert Hartley’s Nine Spokes, Scrabbled by Angie Mobley, $495 Lasik by JB Speed and there from Seattle Washington a hub cap done in Racu Pottery set off this stunning array of visionary delight. Other artists featured are

    Wayne Fergerson

    and Jackie Parsley. There is a wonderful falcon/hawk hub cap that  created by Chris Doreflinger. Karen Welch told me the story behind that. It is worth going to the museum to see that and hear that story, for it is a story I would not venture to retell, it is too amazing.

    Mrs. Welch told me the piece de’resistance was a hub cap that is been cracked. It is at that, cracked right down the side, straight to the middle. It was found on the Sherman Minton Bridge where someone either lost or tossed it about eight (8) years ago. The hub cap is a Victorian era monument, taken from a step ford wives station wagon. These hub caps will be coming down this week. This is your last chance to see them.

    Another feature of the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts this month is the Side by Side Statewide Exhibit. This exhibit is on the second

    floor of the Museum and features art work of students with disabilities and professional artist working side by side.  I had the honor of viewing these works, some of clay, light bulbs, bottle caps, cloth, chalk and oils, painting and many more. To stand in the midst of this talent you see only ability. The last showing date of the exhibit is September 12th.

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