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    I don't want to sound like a gloating mother, but I'm just so darned proud. My son Cody Mathis is holding his first art show/exhibit at the Bard's Town on Wednesday June 29, from 7 - 9 p.m.

    Cody is a 13-year-old developing artist who sold his first two pieces when he was just 10-years-old at an art party. One of the pieces was a painting called "The Beat Up Man", and the other was a collage called "What do you want?". He made some other collages and then began to expand his interests.  He moved forward with his artistic endeavors with an apprenticeship under local artist Evan Leibowitz, who is one of the artists responsible for the Hunter S. Thompson mural on the side of the Monkey Wrench restaurant. 

    Cody began to learn 3-d modeling, dioramas and scene recreation from Evan. He next took an interest in electronic circuitry and began to create found art from pieces he collected from friends and family. He then began to do found art with things he found around his new home in rural Kentucky. He began to incorporate moss, bones, and rifle shells he found while exploring the acreage, sometimes mixing them with the electronics and gears. 

    "When I found a horse skeleton in the ground, I began taking in an interest in finding more bones," says Cody.

    His newest explorations include abstract painting, and the first one sold within ten minutes of uploading a picture to the internet. The show/exhibit will have samples of all of his work, including pieces that were made as part of his homeschooling curriculum. The show will also include some of the pieces that he has already sold. 

    The Bard's Town is on Bardstown Road at the corner of Speed Avenue and offers a full menu and bar. Don't let a tight budget stop you.  There is no fee to attend the show, and these items are priced to sell.

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