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    Earliest childhood memory?

    “Playing Jaws on Nintendo in my red sports-car bed. All things I still wish I had.”

    All-time favorite album?

    “Probably Dr. Dre, The Chronic 2001. While there is not a bad song on the album, I have to think it has something to do with listening to it around the time I got my driver’s license.”

    What would be your last meal in Louisville?

    “Tough call, but I have to go with Jeff Ruby’s for a Freddie salad, an inappropriately large steak and sides of creamed corn and wok beans. Then sleep.”

    Besides your current one, what’s the best job you’ve ever had?

    “I was the local concierge/point-person for the European team when they were in town for the Ryder Cup in 2008. For about a month I got to meet and spend time with the best golfers and people from Europe. And may have partied with them Sunday night after the competition.”

    What Louisville band/musician would you pay to see?

    “Joan Shelley from Maiden Radio. I always end up running into them at cool, random venues, and I went to high school with her.”

    Best Louisville bar?

    “Saints in St. Matthews. It’s the only place I get to see all of my married buddies. Not sure if that’s because of the Golden Tee (golf arcade) game or because their wives won’t follow them there….”

    Favorite possession?

    “I have a decent collection of Dr. Seuss artwork. I really can’t go without my cell phone, but I don’t really like it. The Seuss always makes me smile.”

    Favorite local sports team?

    “U of L basketball. Grew up a Cards fan, and my dad was really close with former coach Denny Crum.”

    The most you ever lost on a horse race?

    “Pretty sure it was somewhere between $150 and $200. I can’t remember specifically because it was Derby.”

    All-time favorite Kentucky Derby winner?

    “Silver Charm. My only one….”

    Best book you’ve read over the past year?

    The Vertical Farm, by Dickson Despommier. It’s an in-depth analysis about what is possible by moving rural agriculture farming to urban high-rises. I think Louisville would be a tremendous place to create a vertical-farm case study. It’s a hidden agenda of mine.”

    What film has had the greatest influence on your life?

    Major League. Must’ve watched it 100 times as a kid, and it turned my whole family into Cleveland Indians fans. It’s a fun but depressing existence. We’ll win one day….”

    Biggest guilty pleasure in Louisville?

    “Baxter Avenue Theatres. I like going to movies by myself.”

    Biggest regret?

    “Before the 1996 PGA Championship at Valhalla, I got to walk with Payne Stewart (who died in a plane accident in 1999) for his practice round. He offered to let me join him for the back nine. Not wanting to interrupt his preparation, I declined.”

    Fleur-de-lis: Had enough or can’t get enough?

    “Eh, think I’ve had enough. Like to support it, but people from outside Louisville always ask me about New Orleans.”

    What tattoos do you have?

    “None. Although one night in Vegas I had to be convinced the tattoo place was closed…. If forced to get one today, how about a picture of the fifth hole at Lahinch in Ireland? Made a double-eagle there, and to this day that might be the happiest moment of my life.”

    Last live performance you saw in Louisville?

    “Beyoncé at the Yum! Center.”

    Fill in the blank: “______________ Louisville” should be the next banner on the side of a building.

    “John Yarmuth’s.”

    If Actors Theatre staged a production about your life, what would the performance be called?

    Isn’t Fun the Best Thing to Have? Dudley Moore would have to play the lead.”

    What’s something nobody knows about you?

    “I have a titanium plate in my head. True story.”

    What makes somebody a Louisvillian?

    “Just have to spend a weekend here. The city will never leave you.”

    Photo courtesy Aaron Yarmuth

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