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    This article appears in the July 2011 issue of LouisvilleMagazine. To subscribe, please visit

    Give us an estimate: How hot does it get inside that suit? 

    “My guess would be 30 degrees hotter than outside the suit. Years ago I performed as Buddy Bat during a parade and it snowed. Once I took the costume off, there was steam coming off my body and sweat had soaked my T-shirt.”

    Best Buddy Bat dance move?

    “The Funky Robot.”

    What song’s been stuck in your head lately?

    “’Wagon Wheel,’ by Old Crow Medicine Show.”

    Last live performance you saw in Louisville?

     “Elton John at the Yum! Center.”

    The most you ever lost on a horse race?

    “No more than $50 or $60. I only gamble around Derby; I’m too tight and hate losing money.”

    When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    “During grade school, a famous comedian. While attending Western Kentucky University I wanted to be a disc jockey or TV personality.”

    The weirdest place somebody has recognized you in public? 

    “Nobody knows me as Buddy because I’m always wearing the costume!”

    What makes somebody a Louisvillian?

    “Gotta be born and raised here.”

    What’s something nobody knows about you?

    “I’ve always wanted to be a motivational speaker.”

    Best book you’ve read over the past year? 

    “Heaven Is for Real, by Todd Burpo.”


    “Never tried it.”

    Favorite bourbon drink?

    “Woodford and Diet Coke.”

    Post-game drink? 

    “Water or Propel to rehydrate for the next day.”

    Best Louisville bar?

    “I love Rí Rá Irish Pub at Fourth Street Live. Great food, great staff, and they also have live music.”

    Favorite possession?

    “My grandfather’s Gibson acoustic guitar.”

    Favorite local sports team?

    “The Louisville Bats. I may be fired if I answered differently! Nine years in the mascot world is like 20 years in a normal job.”

    How many Lysol cans do you go through on the suit each summer?

    “Three to four big cans. I spray the inside of Buddy Bat’s head after each game to prevent it from stinking up Slugger Field.”

    Can’t-miss TV show?

    “Modern Family and The Office.”

    Any Buddy Bat horror stories? 

    “Not really, other than the occasional drunk getting a little too close.”

    Got any tattoos?

    “The initials ‘HLS’ in memory of my grandpa and in honor of my dad. And I have the word ‘Karma.’”

    Fill in the blank: “__________’s Louisville” should be the next banner on the side of a building.

    “Buddy Bat.”

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