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    Spelling Bees have become super cool over the last few years. Not only can one now find movies about them, but the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN also shows coverage of the National Spelling Bee (I’m not sure I agree with calling it a “sport”, but I do understand lulls in programming). It’s gone wild, people are fanatical and even Broadway has gotten in on the act.

     With various showings at Jewish Community Center from August 26th- September 4th, there’s a time and a date that works for everyone! This John R. Leffert directed production features local talent with the national flare that made this musical comedy such a smash hit.

    (As a side note: I was once in a Spelling Bee… Buncombe County, NC Spelling Bee to be exact. I lost. In the finals. On the word “parallel”. To be certain, I have never misspelled the word again. Who puts two l’s in the middle of a word, ending in a single “l”? But I digress…)

    It’s a fictional spelling bee, held at equally as fictional Putnam County Valley Middle School. The six quirky teenagers on stage are vying for the title of the best as three equally as quirky adults run the show around them. Audience participation is not off the table in this production, so be prepared to spell your heart out!

    Tickets are $18 a person and can be purchased at the front desk of the Jewish Community Center (3600 Dutchman’s Lane) or by calling (502) 459-0660.

    Sharpen up your spelling abilities, get your tickets and venture back to adolescence at The 15th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!

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