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    A new cocktail bar, Meta, is scheduled to open downtown where the old Show n' Tell Strip Clup used to be, on 425 West Chestnut Street (x). According to Eater Louisville, a co-founder of Meat is opening Meta in the first week of October, if everything goes well. The bar will serve pre-prohibition era cocktails and even fancy-schmancy non-alchoholic beverages!(x) I am beside myself with excitement about this addition to the bar scene in Louisville, but if I could rub my magical bar genie's lamp and make three wishes, they would be these:

    1. Let the cocktails be affordable. Kind of.

    Meat is (was—please don’t let it be “was” forever) my all-time favorite bar, but the fact remains, it is/was pricey. I always wanted to try absolutely everything on the menu, but we don’t all have $70 to blow on swanky cocktails whenever we want to go out. Now I am all for artisan ingredients, and I can’t wait to see what Meta has in store, I just am keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t cost me $15 a glass.

    1. Please, dear Lord, let them have bleached absolutely everything down.

    The venue used to be a strip club—I can’t say that doesn’t squick me out a little bit. I am super intrigued by the idea of an upscale cocktail bar springing up where a strip joint used to be (gentrification at its best, never say I didn’t pay attention in sociology) but doing shots off a bar where scantily clad ladies of the evening used to writhe? I can do it. I am excited to do it. But please, please, please bleach it all down first and scrub all the corners with a toothbrush.

    1. Let this place be what Louisville needs.

    Often, when getting ready for a night on the town, my friends and I have the exact same conversation.

                “Where should we go tonight?”

                “Not Zanzabar, we’ve been there three times this month. And not Fourth Street because we’re not in a fraternity.”

                “Okay, maybe The Back Door? But I wanted something a little more upscale.”


                “Okay, yeah, I’d love to pay $80 to get drunk tonight.”

    Do you see where I’m going with this? Louisville needs somewhere upscale, with a hopping social scene and delicious, interesting drinks.  I am wishing, hoping and praying that Meta fills that empty spot.

    I can't wait to visit!

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