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    Going out to eat is almost always a pleasure, until you run into one of these deplorable dining companions.

    1. The Debbie Downer

    This friend didn’t want to go to this particular restaurant. She didn’t even want to come out tonight. The waiter could do backflips around the table holding a flaming baked Alaska and the Debbie Downer will just mumble about how service is so bad these days. She will intimate that all the food comes from Cisco and the chef is a monkey with a spatula.

    2. The Dieter

    I admit it, I’ve been this friend. This person is ON A DIET and HAVING A SALAD. He or she may righteously mention the nutrition facts of everything you order, and then proceed to ogle your delicious meal with wide eyes and slavering jaws as he or she picks on their lackluster side salad. They might break at the end of the meal and order a dessert, but then you’ll have to put up with their whining and moaning about how guilty they feel for cheating on their diet.

    3. The Drunk

    It’s been a long week, why not start off our casual Wednesday night dinner with SHOTS OF TEQUILA? The drunk is going to order a bottle of wine “for the table” and drink the whole thing himself. Halfway through the main course the drunk will start dropping utensils and slurring loudly. Other patrons will glare as you try to rescue the evening from this boozy black hole.

    4. The Picker, otherwise known as the dirty sneak thief

    Those fries look good! Can I try one? How about fifteen? How about I pick everything I like off your plate and steal all your dipping sauces and ask if you’re going to finish what you’re currently stuffing down your gullet? Order some of my own? No thanks! Want to share a dessert? I’ll eat 90% of it but it will probably end up on your tab.

    5. The Bad Tipper

    This guy or gal thinks ten percent is a good tip. The bad tipping is just a symptom of a dirty, entitled, waiter and waitress abusing disease; the bad tipper will snap their fingers at the bartender, scream like a teakettle when something goes wrong, and refuse to pay for an entrée that comes out lukewarm, even after the restaurant fixes its error. Don’t ever go out with this person again. Someone who isn’t nice to the waiter isn’t a nice person.

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