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    Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. I guarantee that you have seen these photos, in various forms, at least 4,596 times. Each with new --but predictable-- tints, tones and filters. And while it may grow monotonous, you can always count on these five pictures showing up in your social media feeds. 


    Coffee Art

    It doesn’t matter if you get your daily caffeine jolt from Heine Bros., Vint or Quills – baristas and customers alike love gram-ing photos of an (incredibly beautiful) espresso-flavored fleur de lis.  


    Louisville Skyline 

    "Huh… I’ve never seen Louisville from this side of the Ohio. Now, let me just filter this. Maybe it would look better in black and white? No, I am thinking a sepia tint is more my style. There. Louisville looks gorgeous now thanks to me." 


    21C Text Rain Exhibit

    Whew! It’s raining nouns and verbs out there!


    Selfie on 4th Street 

    Look at you. A legal drinker out having a fine time. But after multiple consecutive Friday nights of these selfies, one has to wonder: do you not have any friends at all who could take a picture of you having fun? 


    College sports-inspired Pinterest projects

    "Okay, one last tuft of red/blue tulle and my UofL/UK decorative game day wreath is complete! I now have 32 of varying sizes to put on every door and cabinet handle in my home and have put photos of every last one on Facebook."

    Cover photo courtesy of Shutterstock

    Photo 1--Shutterstock

    Photo 2-- Wikipedia

    Photo 3-- 21 C

    Photo 4-- Shutterstock

    Photo 5-- Pinterest

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    I'm a journalist and creative nonfiction writer based in Louisville, Kentucky. My freelance work has been featured in The Guardian US, Paste Magazine, Louisville Magazine STORY Magazine, STIR Journal, Mapquest Discover, Thrillist Louisville with pieces upcoming at Salon, Mental Floss, Serious Eats and Munchies. I also spend my spare time chasing food trucks.

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