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    The St. James Court Art Show is being held October 4, 5, and 6, 2013 from 10-6 on Friday and Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday. It's one of the biggest Art Shows in the United States, and a must-do on every Louisvillian's fall wishlist. Whether this is your first time, or your fifteenth, here are a few things to ready yourself for:

    Get ready to be stunned by the gorgeous art.

    You can't make this stuff from a Pinterest instruction set. You will never have this kind of talent. I've seen paintings at St. James that take my breath away, pottery that belongs in a New York City Gallery. These people are true artists (most of them) and their wares are fascinating.

    Get ready to walk

    Don't whine about it. Carpool with your friends if you can, because it's hard to find parking less than a mile away. At least it's semi-cool outside, grab yourself a latte (from Quills, Sunergos, or Please and Thank You) and stroll on over leisurely.

    Get ready to eat

    There is carnival food. That's all I really need to say. You always tell yourself you're going to be good and eat the sandwich you packed, but you end up sitting on the curb with your face covered in powdered sugar and your fists deep in a funnel cake. Embrace it. Give in.

    Get ready to buy tons of stuff

    You need that artisan made yak wool scarf. You really do. You will wear it any everyone will know how environmentally responsible you are. Everyone will understand if you spend your rent money on that cute lawn ornament--it will add to the value of the place. You need that necklace made of typewriter keys. You really do.

    Get ready to people watch

    Best part of St. James: watching the dread-locked aging hippies  forced to deal with the dreaded track-suited yuppies. Someone has to buy those $60 hand painted Japanese clay mugs you're pedaling, Moonflower, looks like it's THE MAN.

    Have fun at St. James!

    Photo courtesy of St. James Court Art Show website

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