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    Halloween in Louisville is not complete without Waverly Hills, read the history by clicking here.  But, I am not here to talk history.  I am here to talk haunting.  

    This is my list of the 6 scariest things at the gigantic abandoned TB hospital.  

    (photo by


    #6 - Timmy - the little fella is one of the most famous apparitions at Waverly.  Legend:  Timmy appears as a 6-7 year old boy on the upper floors of the hospital. He runs from room to room.   

    Method of Fright:  Timmy will play ball.  Roll a  $1.99 wobbly Kmart rubber ball down the hall, and Timmy will roll it back to you.  Witness:  just the past week I have personally seen the ball move more several feet  seemingly by its self.

    #5 - Room 502 - The most famous bathroom in Louisville.  The room is located on the top floor of the hospital.  Legend:  a nurse after being impregnated by a doctor at the hospital, the rejected by the doctor, kills the fetus and hung herself.  

    Method of Fright:  nauseous stomach upon entering the room, plus apparitions of a nurse in uniform. Witness: I personally have never seen the nurse but on a recent tour Alix Mattingly got this photo 

    #4 - Death Tunnel/Body chute - the nearly 500 foot tunnel was built to bring supplies up to the hospital in winter.  Legend:  When the death rate rose to about one per hour, they used it to take bodies out so other patients couldn’t see them.  

    Method of Fright:   Voices, shadow people, green orbs, and physical contact from ghosts.  This is a gold mine for EVP’s (voice recordings).  Witness: I personally have heard footsteps when alone, heard taped voices and my radio partner Lynda Lambert saw a full body apparition inside.  

    #3 - Charlie Mattingly Legend: Charlie is a legend among the paranormal community.  He is a great, mild-mannered unflappable guy, but dear lord the man attracts poltergeists like Lady Gaga collects shoes. Method  of Fright:  Bone chilling first-hand accounts of close encounters of the undead kind.   

    Witness:  The late psychic, Dr. Peter Moscow upon meeting Charlie for the first time, described him as a gateway personality.  The dead come to him because he is completely at ease with the contact.

    #2 - Operating Room - some of the most amazing life saving operations happened here on the 4th floor.  Legend: Some of the most gruesome, borderline inhumane filet fests happened here ( link to thoracoplasty).  Method of Fright:  Door slamming and jamming, physical contact, shadow people. Witness:  I have twice been locked in this room when the door slammed and would not open.  There is no lock, The door handle hole is open and yet this husky white boy could not pull it open - until our guide asked politely that we be allowed to leave and then it open with a finger tip.  I am more uneasy here than any other room of the entire building.


    (photo by Akron Paranormal Entity Research)


    #1 - The Creeper – the superbad of the shadow people.  Legend:  a man who hates visitors to Waverly. It moves on all fours. While most shadow people appear in the shape of a person.  The Creeper is more animal like in its approach.  Usually spotted on the fourth floor (ceiling and walls).  Method of Fright:  It runs down the hall in dark toward you, then up the wall and continues to approach upside down from the ceiling.  Witness:  I have glimpsed the creeper but once.  It was about a quarter way through an overnight stay. An overnight stay that I abandoned after the encountered it.  

    Can my scariest things match your stories?  What have you seen or experienced at one of the scariest places on earth...Waverly Hills?.

    Cover photo by Mera Corlett

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