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    Roanne H. Victor, the Gallery Director at the Actors Theatre, was very welcoming last night as I entered the Gallery.  Mrs. Victor was speaking with Mr. Curtis Anthony in the Pamela Brown Auditorium as I was in the Gallery upstairs photographing his wonderful wire art work. It was soon afterward I had the privilege of meeting this young man and getting his story.

    A student at University of Louisville, Mr. Anthony, discovered he was gifted in wire art in middle school when he found some discarded wire hangers in his grandfather’s basement and decided to try his hand at twisting it into his first piece, a daisy. He told me the story about making an Elvis design in middle school and his teacher liked it so much they purchased it from him. It was his first sold piece. He has gone on to create intricate pieces such as a bumbled bee and flower, a boxing glove, a Reebok shoe, a Jordan Shoe (my favorite) and several other pieces.

    I asked Mr. Anthony what his goal was. He said, “To create a large piece with amazing detail, and make a living at this. ” Seeing his beautiful works of art, I believe he will meet his goals.

    Painter, mathematician, logistics expert, French philosopher? All of those and more are what I found when I interviewed Rebecca Norton at the Actors Theatre, where her paintings based upon mathematical space and “Affine Transformation” are being exhibited this month.  She has what I can only explain as a kinetic energy that exuberates as she talks about her art.

    Ms. Norton is as bright and lively as the colors on her canvas and she has a way of explaining math and art to you that leaves you going away with a completely different view of both worlds. Her paintings project these two intertwined worlds beautifully in a vectal, fractal, and color splash of visionary dance.

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