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    Adopting a pet from Louisville Metro Animal Services saves lives and we feature
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    Spring is the time of year that puppies and kittens flood Louisville Metro Animal Services. What does that mean? The shelter runs out of room and a decision has to be made on who will have to be euthanized to make room for this influx of unwanted pets. Each un-spayed or un-neutered pet adds to the mounting problem. The dogs and cats are the ones who pay the ultimate price for this irresponsibility.

    Here are this week’s featured adoptable pets at Louisville Metro Animal Services who are on the urgent list. Please adopt and save a life of a pet in need of a loving home. Please note all dogs of Pit Bull breeding are eligible for free obedience training at Slugger City Bully Buddies. Their expertise helps countless Pit Bull dogs become model citizens in our community.

    Clint's adoption just fell through so once again he goes to the very top of the list for euthanasia at Louisville Metro Animal Services. Please give one year old Clint his chance at life. He has been evaluated and is a great boy, just look at that great big ole smile on his face. If you are serious about adopting him, he doesn't need to be let down again, please have his Pet ID # A485315 at the ready and please act quickly as he has no time left and contact Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    This is an adult male Chow mix and he doesn’t have a name as yet. He is on the urgent list so anyone interested in saving him he needs his savior now. If interested in him please have his Pet ID # A487039 handy when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.

    Big dog lovers Gunther is a male Bulldog mix who needs his savior as he is also on the urgent list. He is neutered and ready to go home, however his time is running out. If interested in this big pretty boy please have his Pet ID # A487510 when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.

    This guy is a young male Pit Bull. Because of his breed alone he will be a high risk candidate for euthanasia. It doesn’t matter whether he really hasn’t done anything to deserve this death sentence. If you are a knowledgeable person about this breed and you are willing to intervene on this dog’s behalf please have his Pet ID # A488210 handy when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.

    We feature another Pit Bull dog in need. Angelo is also a high risk candidate for euthanasia purely on the basis of his breeding. He needs his own home with someone who will appreciate his loving nature and he is great with other dogs. If you are interested in giving this guy a responsible home please have his Pet ID # A487401 when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.


    We feature another adult male Pit Bull named James Bond. James is neutered and ready for his forever home. He is at higher risk as a candidate for euthanasia because he is a Pit Bull. If you are a Pit Bull enthusiast please adopt, don’t buy from breeders who continue to flood the area with too many of these dogs causing so many to end up in the shelter. If you are interested in giving James Bond his reprieve from a sad ending have his Pet ID # A486527 at the ready when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.

    I can’t feature all of the dogs sitting on the verge of euthanasia but here is a photo album of some of those at the Slugger City Bully Buddies site here.

    Please remember with all the litters of kittens coming into Metro Animal Services in the spring there are so many kittens and cats in need of adoption also. You can view those on LMAS’s site on their Petfinder link below.

    To see more of the adoptable pets at Louisville Metro Animal Services go to their section on the Petfinder website here.

    For more information on this week’s featured pets contact Louisville Metro Animal Services at: 502-473-PETS (7387), or by email:

    For more information on adopting a pet go to the Metro Animal Services website here.

    Metro Animal Service’s Animal House Adoption Center is located at 3516 Newburg Rd., Louisville, KY 40218.

    Photos: Courtesy of Metro Animal Services, Louisville




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