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    "I always want to let you know how effective has been - it is probably the BEST advertising we get out of our whole budget! THANKS!"
         -Page Von Wheeler, Glassworks

    " has helped launch my business on the internet. Each month I can expect calls or emails from buyers all throughout the country regarding property here in Louisville. My advertisment has generated 3 closings in 2006 and I expect to double that this year."
         -Scott Panella, TEAM PANELLA at Keller Williams Realty Louisville

    " has proven to be an excellent--and cost-effective--venue for promoting our continuing education classes!"
         -Laurie Naiser, Univeristy of Louisville Delphi Center

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The term geodomain refers to domain names that are the same as those of geographic entities, such as cities and countries. Examples of geodomains are,,, and country specific names like Since geographical names are limited in number, and have instant name recognition, geodomains are highly valued, with .com extension geodomains valued the most highly. Geodomains t/files/storyimages/to provide a virtual representation of the locations they serve-- for example, is heavily tourism focused, while and have more local content. Collectively, geographic domain names are estimated to represent approximately over 500 million dollars a year in gross hotel bookings alone, and are a rising force in the Internet.

    About is one of those rare "geodomains" with the best of both worlds:  We're a portal to the city that benefits both local residents and those who choose to visit our wonderful city for business, pleasure, or relocation.  A large percentage of our traffic is "intuitive", meaning that we're search-engine independent:  people just type our name into the browser.  THINK ABOUT IT!  If you want information on water softeners, you might type in  If you want information on office furniture, you might type in  The same goes for us.  We do our best to include information on the city in general (attractions, hotels, neighborhood background information, school information) but we also have built and maintained the city's best and most comprehensive calendar of events. 

    Why Online Advertising?
    The internet is more than an entertainment medium.  In fact, entertainment users (with a few exceptions) are taking a back seat to INFORMATION SEEKERS.  People are online because they're looking for answers to questions!  If you can put yourself in a position to provide that information (even for commercial purposes), doesn't that sound like a very smart, well targeted, less wasteful approach to advertising?  And the fact is that you'll invest a fraction of the amount you would in "traditional" media.  Billboards, radio, television, and most print mediums will run your ad and hope that somebody is in the market for your product or service.  With the internet, USERS ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR YOU!

    Well, for one, we're the online gateway to the city for most visitors.  Secondly, we're actively pursuing local traffic in our own advertising.  We know that what we have is a resource to thousands of internet users every single day who are looking for a way to sp/files/storyimages/their leisure dollars and there are thousands more who live here that have yet to discover the information we provide - - - but they will!  Our advertising department can put together a smart, well-planned, and creative package that will get you the most out of your advertising dollar by utilizing only the elements of our site that will benefit you. 

    We have a multitude of online elements that can help you:
    -Banner Advertising
    -Section Sponsorship Advertising
    -The Weekender E-Mail Advertising
    -Classified Advertising
    -Directory Listing Advertising
    -Calendar/Event Listing Advertising
    -Content Partnership Advertising
    -Simple Text Link Advertising (great for search engine optimization)

    Which ones are best for you?  Contact our ad department and set up a quick 30-minute meeting.  Chance are, we'll buy coffee!

    What do our users think about

    It’s wonderful!!! A link to local specials, coupons discounts etc in the weekender email would be cool.



    Great website, keep up the good work.



    Great article, very insightful! Looking forward to sampling some of these locales when I visit.

    Heather-Dallas, TX


    Great service, "the weekender"!

    Fred – Louisville


    Great Email every week - I'll definitely pass it on!



    I really appreciate being able to know what is going on each weekend, it helps me plan ahead.



    Continue to do what you are doing!  I rely on the week-/files/storyimages/info every week......



    Pretty cool web site.  I like it a lot!!!

    Larry-English, IN


    I’ve just discovered this website, I am enjoying exploring your website.



    I enjoy it - it's great for knowing what is going on during the weekends!




    I enjoy receiving the emails letting me and my family know what events are coming......

    Deborah-Georgetown, IN


    I appreciate you providing web links….

    Adam-Goshen, KY

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