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    Yesterday I swung by Old Town Wine and Spirits in search of some beers to review that were fitting for the season we are entering.  They were ripe with all the varieties of Pumpkin beers and Octoberfest beers that we have come to indulge in every September and October, and as I intently perused their selection I came across the one that I had to have - Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen.  Now, for those of you paying attention, you will remember that we've discussed what a Rauchbier is in my article about the Fort Collins Z Lager, and most of you probably know that a Marzen is an Octoberfest style of beer.  

    I'll go ahead and give you my strong opinion of this beer...this was the best smoked beer that I've had to date.  When I took the top off the pint bottle I had purchased and poured it into my glass it created this beautiful thick, creamy head that lingered, and the aroma of smokiness taunted me to drink it.  This Rauchbier Marzen poured a beautiful deep, burnt red color; very similar to the color of a garnet for those familiar with gems.  This beer is super sessionable, barely breaking 5% ABV and is obviously not very hoppy, chiming in with 30 IBU's.  

    I was pleased to see that the followers of and thought as highly of this beer as I did and gave it scores of 97 and A- respectively.  This is a beer that, if you fancy yourself a smoked beer lover or want to drink a really great German Octoberfest that is a little different from the norm, you need to try.  I picked my bottle up for $4.50 and believe Eiderdown also had it on tap as little as a week ago.  I can guarantee you that I'll be drinking more of it, and as often as I can.  

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    Writers amendment #1:  This delectable beer is also on tap year round at the NABC Public House, that is either great or dangerous for me to know. 

    Writers amendment #2:  It was brought to my attention that Keg Liquors, across the river with our good friends in Indiana, is having a Feast of Fall beer tasting tomorrow with all sorts of Octoberfest and pumpkin beers, follow the link for details, sounds like a great event!!

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