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    by The Pass
    SonaBLAST! records
    Produced by The Pass

    Few musicians this day and age dare to try and resurrect - or should I say re-popularize - that whole new-wave retro-80's era approach to music. That is until now. As soon as you pop "Burst" into your player, it's immediately recognizable that The Pass clearly is attempting to do just that. From the album's zesty opening track "Treatment Of The Sun" to the more sultry and smooth sound of "Criminal", you'll immediately be reminded of a time in music when bands like New Order, Dead or Alive, Talking Heads, Erasure and The Cure ruled the airwaves.

    Since uploading "Burst" into my iTunes, I've been trying to figure out just why the hell I like it so damn much, considering my own musical palette is defaulted to more of a straight forward rock n' roll sound. Maybe it's because my baby boomer parents somehow etched this genre of music into my musical subconscious when I was a kid. Or maybe it's simply because The Pass has created a refreshing and energized explosion of synthesized rhythmic hooks like no other Louisville-based artist has done since Big Head did it in the 90's. Whatever the reason, "Burst" is a bit ground-breaking for Louisville's usual style-based output.

    So whether it's because your baby boomer parents embossed this style of music into your musical subconscious while you innocently rode in the backseat of the car as a kid, or because you just like music that is thoughtfully composed and refreshingly different, "Burst" will satisfy with an energetic listening experience.

    Pickup a copy at ear X-tacy.

    Jason Ashcraft is a freelance music writer who focuses on Kentucky's original music scene. Visit his blog at

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    About Jason Ashcraft

    Jason is a life-long Louisville native who grew up in the Highlands, and now resides in an undisclosed fortified location somewhere in Louisville. He's followed Louisville's rock music scene for almost 10 years, first as a concert promoter, then an artist manager, and now a music critic and reviewer. He's one crazy Jarhead who'll literally publish anything his mind conceives on impulse, so don't always expect him to follow the traditional laws of journalism. He has intent of reviving Hunter S. Thompson's “gonzo journalism” if only his editors will allow it...which they don't usually. Head over to for more published rhetoric.

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