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    Alex Kamin is "Electra Funk" [Local Profiles]
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    Alex Kamin has quite an extensive background in music.  From show choir to marching band, his passion for sound and rhythm started at a young age and continued through high school. After moving to Louisville for college, his knowledge in electronic music (originally inspired by his brother) was cultivated and his career in the industry unofficially began. Today, in his tenth year as a DJ and Producer, Alex is known as “Electra Funk” and his show reaches far beyond the population of his former high school’s football field.

    “I had a completely different collection of music and favorite artist before getting into Electronic music,” said Alex, who says he used to attend raves by “Mushroomhead,” which provoked his interest in the electronic genre, and helped him recognize his opportunities to compose and produce music as well as master his own album. “I fell totally for electronic music and it has been my passion ever since.”

    Currently Alex produces “Da Funk Show” - a 2-hour “trance” showcasing hardstyle music that usually starts with deep, progressive sounds and tempos and builds to high-energy, bass-driven tracks. 

    “I try to put the listener in a state of “trance,” he says, “mixing and blending the tracks, while constantly building the tempo and energy of the sound with bass lines, melodies, drums and percussion.”

    Just as the energy of the music builds throughout the show, so has the popularity of Alex’s work. “Da Funk Show” was recently picked up by, where Alex will start broadcasting live on a weekly basis. Currently, you can hear “Da Funk Show” on, a website where DJs can create and stream music. With over 10,000 DJs featured on the site, “Electra Funk” ranks #267.

    For inspiration, Alex turns to a list of artists and DJs, like DJ Alex Kidd, who masters “three-deck mixing” of hard dance, and Kutski. He also enjoys the work of Showtek, DJ Tone, Tidy Boys, Organ Donors, Yoji Biomehanika, and Rodi Styles (just to name a few.) For Trance music, Alex is influenced by Markus Schulz and John 00 Fleming.

    “I always love hearing something that stands out, something original. That’s the music I feature on the show. I love the tracks that have something a little extra, something that catches your ear. So when I write and compose and produce a new piece I use all these little things I picked up along the way to try to influence my next piece.” says Alex.

    Though the technical aspect of his job is the most challenging, Alex enjoys wiring the equipment and fixing computer and software issues that may arise. It’s this time in the studio that transforms Alex Kamin into “Electra Funk” - a master Producer and DJ, and electronic aficionado. 

    “What I enjoy most about working in music is the overall way it makes me feel: nostalgic,” he says. “The absolute feeling of being happy, it's the perfect part of the day where everything seems to fall in sync. Once I am in the studio it doesn't matter if I am working on a new show, or working on new music, buying music, releasing new music, etc. it is the ultimate feeling of happiness for me. It really is addicting.”

    Find "Electra Funk" on Facebook to learn more about “Da Funk Show” or visit

    Photo: Courtesy of Alex Kamin

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