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    In the last four days I have revealed my picks for the athletes in an All-Louisville as well as an All-Kentucky football team. This of course, is in preparation for Saturday’s Louisville/Kentucky game in Lexington at 7.

    So far, both teams have struggled. Louisville, has obtained a one and one record struggling with but ultimately defeating Murray State at home, and finding a loss against a fast Florida International Team, despite being the favorite. Meanwhile, Kentucky looked somewhat lethargic in their first game of the season against Western Kentucky however managed to pull out a win, the Cats had a similar story against Central Michigan at Commonwealth who seemed to have the game all but won during most of the first half.

    What this means for Saturday: it’s anybody’s game and both teams will be looking for this game to act as their springboard into their respective conference play.

    All that said, continuing with my “All-years” teams, I thought it only appropriate to take a look at some of the coaching staffs that would be on the sidelines of each team.

    For Louisville’s head coach, the team’s most winningest coach of all time, Frank Camp. Between the years of 1946-1968 Camp led the Cards to huge victories and really established the program in its early days.

    Working with Camp, in the assistant coach position, Howard Schnellenberger, who ironically just beat the Cards with Florida International, in any case while Camp built the program Schnellenberger revived it. Taking a seriously struggling team during his tenure between 1985-1994 and leading them to several notable bowl games.

    In the offensive coordinator position, Bobby Petrino, who despite leaving many Cards fans with a bad taste in their mouth after his abrupt departure in 2006, had a success with the team that is undeniable. And, his mind for offense is stellar, being complemented by the likes of New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin for his play calling. 

    In the defensive coordinator role, current television analyst, Lee Corso, acting as the Cards head coach from 1966 to the early 70’s Corso proved himself at the defensive backs position, gradually becoming a successful head coach for the Cards, leading them to the team’s second bowl game.

    On the Kentucky side, when it comes to the head coach one has to look no further than Paul “Bear” Bryant. Some say that the reason college football is so big in the SEC is because of Bryant, and when one looks at the success the coach had everywhere he went it’s hard to argue. And, this certainly was the case with the Cats as Bryant led them to a number of top 25 rankings, and a co-national championship after some confusion when Kentucky beat the undefeated Oklahoma Sooners in 1950.

    Working as Assistant Coach, Fran Curci, Curci took what Bryant did and kept it going during his tenure. Continuing the Top-25 rankings and major bowl game victories, during the years of these two coaches Kentucky fans could do nothing more than celebrate.

    In the offensive coordinator position, Rich Brooks, who did what Schnellenberger did for the Cards, for the Cats. That is to say revive a seriously struggling franchise which was once great.
    And, finally in the defensive coordinator position, Jerry Claiborne who took Kentucky to several bowl games and a top-25 ranking throughout the 80’s.

    As far as the current teams go though for Saturday’s game, it could go either way. And, remember if you can’t make it out to Lexington on Saturday ESPNU is broadcasting the rivalry game live.

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