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    All Saints' Day offers Innocent Deceptions: A mysterious encounter with Darshwo
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    He's performed for Martin Scorsese, Miranda Lambert, the Green Bay Packers, and he's hopping the trolley to perform for you at Shine Studio tomorrow night. Louisville based magic man, Darshwood will pay homage to history’s many great masters of illusion on All Saint's Day at no cost to the public. 

    This master of magic has been inspiring bedazzlement on First Fridays at Shine throughout the Autumn by demonstrating some of the most puzzling curiosities of his craft and exposing audiences to the mind’s fascinating tendency to be naturally fooled by illusions. He apologizes, but there will be no white bunnies. Having appropriately titled this program "Innocent Deceptions", the international award winning magician says that he "Will be dedicating all three performances of this upcoming First Friday installment to the champions of prestidigitation that have come and gone long before him; giants upon whose shoulders the modern conjurer now stands."

    It is thanks to these honored predecessors that Darshwood will be presenting reproductions of age old magic tricks that were once performed on grand stages by masterful artists such as Harry Houdini, Thurston the Great and Chung Ling Soo (the honorable Chinese magician who died tragically while attempting the infamous bullet catch trick in 1918). Darshwood admits that he will not be attempting to catch bullets, but this is certain to be a unique opportunity to experience and encounter the sophisticated and mysterious art of magic in an intimate atmosphere. Expect to be amazed, bewildered and inspired as the charming trickster leads you on a journey through the vast and limitless realm of your own imagination. 

    Shine: A Wellness Studio in NuLu is devoted to nurturing a graceful life through movement, music, and fun; it is located on East Jefferson Street but is accessed through the main entrance from the parking lot on East Market Street between Shelby and Clay. It is the little green building behind The Green Building at 727 East Jefferson St. Shows are presented by Smerlin Entertainment and Smerlin Talent Group; the shows last about 18 minutes each and begin at 6:30 p.m.; 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

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