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    Having tried long and hard to tell you of such wonders, I'll quit with the 'I told you so' mentality at least for this piece.  Tuesday night, at Headliners, Alt-J and Hundred Waters delivered magic to the sold out crowd.  As all of you should by now, since I have such a vast loyal following which I greatly appreciate, I'm not the biggest fan of 'electronica'.  There is just something about a couple of dudes banging and grooving while standing over laptops that I just can't dig on.  That being said, Hundred Waters were surprisingly pretty dang strong.  Lead singer Nicole Miglis has some pipes, switches from keys to jazz flute like nobody's business, and the sound they put out is huge.  When the others all played instruments, rather than laptops and drum machines, they were much better but overall Hundred Waters was a great warm up, moved the crowd, and put on a great show.

    By the time Alt-J came on the crowd was loose and may have been one of the loudest I've ever heard at Headliners.  As expected, they flawlessly mixed up songs of their album An Awesome Wave and hearing them live felt indeed like being swept away by exactly such an awesome wave.  Their quirky melodies flow like something I've never really heard, mixing a light reggae flow with some sweet vocal inputs and some badass drumming.  A random fan I spoke to, who may or may not been slightly hammered, made an observation that 'the drummer is like an autistic genius who's a bit all over the place but jams!'  Well I'm not so sure about the autistic part, but he certainly fits the genius bill as the overall harmony of Alt-J is just really intoxicatingly amazing.  Be sure and catch them this summer as they're really worth it and Gwil, and the band, are really excited to be touring the US.

    Cover Photo Credit: Alt-J's Facebook

    Awesomeness Show Photo Credit: Brandie Story (penalty for thievery is a can of female whoop ass)

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